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Disney’s G-Force; Irresponsible Filmmaking

Could films be encouraging and contributing to the neglect of household pets? That was a question that would once have made me roll my eyes. I have always been sceptical about the  impact that films have on their audiences and have never bought into the idea that violent film’s equal violent people and other similar notions. As an avid watcher of horror films since the … Continue reading Disney’s G-Force; Irresponsible Filmmaking


The untold story of the Sleeping Beauty villain is explored in this visually compelling box office hit. Maleficent, a rebellious and vindictive fairy, seeks to right the wrongs done to her by a human man that she once loved by cursing his infant daughter. However she learns during the child’s first sixteen years that she may hold the key to peace between the human world and the world … Continue reading Maleficent

Feature Revival: What Are Your Top Five…Live Action Disney Movies

As it’s Wednesday I thought I’d revive an old feature! As Disney’s Maleficent is released today, I thought it’d be apt to do a Top Five Live Action Disney Movies category. It’s been a long time, and some of you may not have ever seen this feature on here before, but the rules are simple, comment your top five list in the comments below 🙂 I’ll … Continue reading Feature Revival: What Are Your Top Five…Live Action Disney Movies


Disney takes a slightly different approach with the adorable docudrama Chimpanzee, in which young chimp Oscar must learn independence the hard way when his mother is killed during an attack by rival chimpanzees, led by the uniquely named Scar *rolls eyes*. Despite the unoriginal name of rival chimp gang leader Scar, Chimpanzee is a fresh take on a cute, family film and the stunning, natural rainforest location allows for some beautiful visuals. The cinematography … Continue reading Chimpanzee

Wreck it Ralph review

Wreck it Ralph poster

Disney’s latest animated film comes in the form of ‘Wreck it Ralph’. Executive producer John Lasseter brought us many Pixar films  so it’s no wonder that Wreck it Ralph’s visuals rival those of Toy Story, which it has been heavily compared to since its US release.

Wreck it Ralph, a video game character voiced by John C. Reilly, is so dissatisfied with his ‘bad guy’ image in arcade game “Fix it Feliz Jr” that he decides to travel to other games to try and win a medal, believing that it will win the affections of the other game characters. It’s a very clever premise, with intertextual references to existing arcade games, and some cleverly invented new ideas.

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