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Disney’s G-Force; Irresponsible Filmmaking

Could films be encouraging and contributing to the neglect of household pets? That was a question that would once have made me roll my eyes. I have always been sceptical about the  impact that films have on their audiences and have never bought into the idea that violent film’s equal violent people and other similar notions. As an avid watcher of horror films since the … Continue reading Disney’s G-Force; Irresponsible Filmmaking

Animal Cruelty in Films: How Far is too Far?

Quite a lot of films contain animal abuse, probably more than we’d like to believe, and I’ve always wondered how far filmmakers will go for entertainment, and how much we as an audience will accept purely so we can be entertained. From The Hangover in which a capuchin monkey became addicted to smoking thanks to a scene that involved the monkey being given a real, lit cigarette … Continue reading Animal Cruelty in Films: How Far is too Far?