Monsters University

Twelve years after Monsters Inc comes the hilarious prequel that tells the story of how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) met. Mike meets Sulley at Monsters University, where he’s studying for his dream job; to be a scarer. Monsters University is everything you could expect from a Pixar prequel. It’s gorgeously animated and full of bright, fun colours ideal for the whole family. It’s great fun and … Continue reading Monsters University


Bernie is the kind of comedy that makes you wonder whether there’s something wrong with you or not. When you pick up a film that masquerades itself as a comedy you expect to laugh at least once, even if it’s just a mildly amused-sounding snort of approval. Bernie tiptoes along that line that separates blunt black comedy from bleak drama to the point where the film is very … Continue reading Bernie

Red 2

Frank Moses and the gang are back again in this follow up to the 2010 action comedy hit Red, but this time it’s, bigger, better and badass-er than before. Frank (Bruce Willis) and Marvin (John Malkovich) have to reunite the old team once again when they are falsely listed as participants in smuggling a sought after nuclear weapon into Russia bit by bit during the cold war. … Continue reading Red 2

Without a Paddle

Who doesn’t love a road trip comedy? What better way to mix things up a little than to swap the road with a lake? That’s exactly what happens in Steven Brill‘s 2004 comedy Without a Paddle. Steven Brill has brought us many mediocre comedies in the past including Drillbit Taylor, Mr Deeds and Little Nicky. Without a Paddle follows the theme of mediocrity but to all intents and purposes is a laugh out loud, … Continue reading Without a Paddle


The creators of Ice Age bring us this striking new animated family adventure that’s like a less pretentious and altogether more enjoyable version of Avatar.  Epic is about a teenage girl who’s father has dedicated his life’s work to a theory that there is a world of tiny people living in the forest. Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried) finds herself transported into the tiny world where she must help … Continue reading Epic

The Croods

Animated family movies seem to be the only genre that can get away with being totally unimaginative and repetitive. The Croods is brilliant family fun in a seen-it-all-before kind of a way. Its bright colours, striking visuals and assortment of fictitious and adorable creatures aren’t enough to hide the fact that we’ve seen this film a million times before; Ice Age is just one recent example. When their cave … Continue reading The Croods


Sharks in a supermarket sounds like the punchline to some kind of terrible joke, but for the characters in Australia’s 2012 creature-horror Bait it’s very much a twisted reality. The food chain is tested when a tidal wave lands two huge man eating sharks in a supermarket. A group of survivors left balancing precariously on top of what used to be supermarket shelves have to find a … Continue reading Bait

Cop Out

Who doesn’t love an action comedy about police getting up to no good? And who better to take the leading role than Bruce Willis, who seems to be a dab hand at combining comedy with kick ass action. Cop Out is a 2010 film directed by Kevin Smith and written by the Cullen brothers about a veteran cop who enlists the help of his partner when his collectable baseball card … Continue reading Cop Out