The Single Moms Club

A group of women from very different walks of life are all brought together when they are called into school to talk about their misbehaving kids. When forced to spend time together getting involved with the school to ensure their children aren’t expelled, the women eventually set aside their differences and find happiness and laughter in their shared experiences. Single mums are often represented in romance … Continue reading The Single Moms Club

Cuban Fury

Ex tango dancer Bruce (Nick Frost) who has let himself go after being bullied for his flamboyant pastime as a child finds his passion for the dance reignited by his new boss Julia (Rashida Jones) who is a self-confessed tango addict. To get the girl, Bruce has to revisit his old hobby and re-learn the tango. Cuban Fury boasts a great comedy cast with Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd at the … Continue reading Cuban Fury

The Love Punch

All the older stars seem to be getting in on the increased demand for ‘geriatri-com’s’ and Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie are no exceptions. The Love Punch is a romantic comedy that see’s  a divorced couple (Brosnan and Thompson) reunite to recover retirement money that has been stolen from them. Setting off on an action packed adventure, the pair enlist the help of their oldest pals … Continue reading The Love Punch

Last Vegas

Misbehaving geriatrics is becoming a popular staple of Hollywood comedies with Red 2 grossing more than $100 million worldwide. Last Vegas is a hilarious buddy movie that brings together a fantastic cast like we’ve never seen them before and adds a pinch of humour and Las Vegas glamour to growing old.  Three sixty-something childhood friends take a break from their humdrum daily lives to reunite … Continue reading Last Vegas

The Decoy Bride

Ever fancied seeing David Tennant strut his stuff in tartan flares? Well now’s your chance! A well written, well acted rom-com set on a beautiful remote Scottish island, what more could you ask for? The Decoy Bride is an under-watched gem deserving of far more publicity. The world’s media infests a remote Scottish island when word gets out that famous Hollywood actress, and every mans ideal woman Lara … Continue reading The Decoy Bride

What’s Your Number?

Anna Farris may have one of the world’s most irritating voices but she certainly knows how to make us laugh. What’s Your Number is your typical rom-com that’s continuing the Bridesmaids trend of realistic, funny female protagonists who aren’t ashamed of their sexuality. Finally, women in film are being represented realistically! Ally (Farris) is looking back over her past nineteen conquests and in her desperation not … Continue reading What’s Your Number?

The Big Wedding

If you’re looking for corny fun, look no further! The Big Wedding is everything you could want from a romantic comedy/drama and it boasts a stellar cast with Susan Sarandon, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton at the helm. A long-divorced couple has to fake being married at their adopted sons wedding because his birth-mother has a staunch view of marriage and divorce. The Big Wedding isn’t as predictable … Continue reading The Big Wedding