Walk of Shame

A woman in a yellow dress with a terrible hangover running around like a headless chicken with no phone, keys or money may sound like an entertaining ninety-five minutes to you, but please think twice before you commit. Meghan (Elizabeth Banks), a promising reporter, comes very close to realising her dream as a news anchor when she is offered the job of a lifetime. But a … Continue reading Walk of Shame

The Single Moms Club

A group of women from very different walks of life are all brought together when they are called into school to talk about their misbehaving kids. When forced to spend time together getting involved with the school to ensure their children aren’t expelled, the women eventually set aside their differences and find happiness and laughter in their shared experiences. Single mums are often represented in romance … Continue reading The Single Moms Club

What’s Your Number?

Anna Farris may have one of the world’s most irritating voices but she certainly knows how to make us laugh. What’s Your Number is your typical rom-com that’s continuing the Bridesmaids trend of realistic, funny female protagonists who aren’t ashamed of their sexuality. Finally, women in film are being represented realistically! Ally (Farris) is looking back over her past nineteen conquests and in her desperation not … Continue reading What’s Your Number?

10 Stupid Things Romance Movies Teach About Love

Romance movies are nothing more than mindless escapism. A chance to take out the Kleenex and indulge in some sickly sweet entertainment, admire the attractive cast and let ourselves get emotional about the characters on the screen. Who didn’t shed just a little tear at some point during Dirty Dancing? And don’t even get me started on P.S. I Love You. The truth is, most romance movies … Continue reading 10 Stupid Things Romance Movies Teach About Love

Bachelorette: Jumping on the Bridesmaids Bandwagon (Planet Ivy Article)

I’ve been writing for Planet Ivy for a little while now, and this is the article I’m most proud of so far, so I thought I’d share it with you guys! Well, that’s actually a lie, the article I’m most proud of is scheduled for posting tomorrow at 1, so I will share that tomorrow when it’s up. For now though, here’s my article on … Continue reading Bachelorette: Jumping on the Bridesmaids Bandwagon (Planet Ivy Article)