Pacific Rim

What a movie! This film was made for the big screen. A breathtaking visual masterpiece from the genius that is Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim is apocalyptic sci-fi at it’s finest. Pacific Rim is a fast paced visual feast and is one of the most striking 3D films to be released of recent months. The world is under threat from giant creatures that are seemingly indestructible, so humans … Continue reading Pacific Rim

Cop Out

Who doesn’t love an action comedy about police getting up to no good? And who better to take the leading role than Bruce Willis, who seems to be a dab hand at combining comedy with kick ass action. Cop Out is a 2010 film directed by Kevin Smith and written by the Cullen brothers about a veteran cop who enlists the help of his partner when his collectable baseball card … Continue reading Cop Out


The old way is the best way, at least according to 2010 action comedy Red it is. A group of ‘Retired Extremely Dangerous’ (RED) black-ops agents are reassembled in a last ditch attempt to save Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) from being killed by a high-tech assassin.  Frank Moses has no choice but to leave his home when he’s hunted down by an assassin for an unknown reason, … Continue reading Red

The Heat

The Heat is a brash and crudely funny film from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock as uptight FBI agent Ashburn and a foul mouthed Boston cop Mullins (can you guess which one’s which?) Bullock and McCarthy are capable of so much more, The Heat is a total let down. It relies heavily on loudly shouted swear words to generate humour and the overuse of swearing highlights … Continue reading The Heat

The Host

The Host is the cinematic adaption of the Stephenie Meyer novel of the same name, and no doubt garnered such negative reviews and eye-rollings because of its link to Twilight and the fact it was written by Meyer. Of course, any of us with half a brain know that just because it’s written by the same person, doesn’t mean it’s going to fail and The Host, which is a superior novel … Continue reading The Host

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

In this continuation of the popular German  folk fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, the titular children are all grown up and are ridding the world of witches one medieval town by another. They’re kind of like medieval pest control but with more weapons and no cute little van with a giant plastic cockroach on top. This American-German fantasy action film which stars British actress Gemma Arterton (gosh so … Continue reading Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Ip Man 2

Wilson Yip continues the story of legendary Wing Chun master Ip Man in the second instalment of the martial arts franchise and Donnie Yen reprises his role as the titular character. Ip Man was the first martial arts master to teach Wing Chun in Hong Kong, and was well known for teaching Hollywood legend Bruce Lee. The second film brings us much closer to the character through his family struggle … Continue reading Ip Man 2

Ip Man

The first of several semi-biographical films about Yip Man (also spelled Ip Man), Ip Man stars martial arts legend Donnie Yen as the legendary martial arts master who was the first to teach Wing Chun, and is famous for teaching Bruce Lee. Ip Man is more than just a film about martial arts action, and Ip Man himself is a deep and interesting character. Donnie Yen‘s performance is fantastic and he executes the martial arts choreography … Continue reading Ip Man

Django Unchained

Tarantino’s latest escapade comes in the form of antebellum era Western Django Unchained. Tarantino’s big headedness knows no bounds, but credit where credit’s due Django is a damn good film! A German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) seeks the help of slave Django (Jamei Foxx) to locate three brothers wanted for murder, and in return Django is able to find and free his wife from evil and very rich plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo Di … Continue reading Django Unchained

Day 3: Your Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

Sherlock Holmes is one of my favourite action/adventure films, but it’s really difficult to narrow it down to just one. I’m a huge Robert Downey Jr fan, and not just because he’s drop dead gorgeous (but obviously that plays a big part! 😛 ) Sherlock Holmes has a great atmosphere and is visually stunning. It’s very clever and is an interesting and fun take on the original stories. Guy … Continue reading Day 3: Your Favourite Action/Adventure Movie