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Paragraph Film Review: The Falling

In 1969, girls at an English girls’ school start fainting. All the time. With what is quite possibly the most annoying xylophone noise in the background the girls take it in turns to flop to the floor for no apparent reason, while Maisie Williams’ character fornicates with her brother. Possibly one of the strangest films I’ve seen in a long time, it’s about as boring … Continue reading Paragraph Film Review: The Falling

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Too much clowning around: Clown (2014)

Killer clowns are a thing of nightmares for a lot of people. Stephen King’s IT, Captain Spaulding and that creepy clown from American Horror Story Freak Show are just a few of the many terrifying clowns that have plagued audiences throughout the years, proving a scary staple of the horror genre. A horror film about a clown suit that’s actually the skin of a demon, … Continue reading Too much clowning around: Clown (2014)

The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia

A big city lawyer returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother only to become embroiled in a murder case against his father, the town’s judge. The Judge is a heartwarming but slightly long winded drama about a man reconnecting with his estranged family after twenty years. It deals with so many issues; death, divorce and even dementia. Hank’s (Robert Downey Jr) estranged father Joseph … Continue reading The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia


The Conjuring spin off Annabelle is quite possibly one of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while. Let me begin by saying I don’t scare easily when it comes to horror films, I’ve grown pretty much immune. Obviously the tension is heightened when you see a horror in the cinema, but usually I don’t feel ‘scared’. Annabelle had me shitting myself. It’s like director … Continue reading Annabelle


I am unashamed to admit to being a bit of a Melissa McCarthy fan. Ever since her appearance as hilarious misfit Megan in Bridesmaids, she has been one of my favourite comedy actresses. Despite this though, I’d been looking forward to Tammy since seeing the first trailer ages ago with a pinch of dread. McCarthy seems to be getting typecast as the butch, loud, funny … Continue reading Tammy


Chef; film about a man rekindling his passion for cooking whilst also reuniting with his estranged wife and son or a love letter to modern technology? Chef is a warm romantic comedy/drama firmly in the here-and-now with social media references galore. A chef loses his restaurant job after refusing to continue cooking the same old menu. With no money and a desperate need to rebuild his waning reputation Carl Casper … Continue reading Chef

Walk of Shame

A woman in a yellow dress with a terrible hangover running around like a headless chicken with no phone, keys or money may sound like an entertaining ninety-five minutes to you, but please think twice before you commit. Meghan (Elizabeth Banks), a promising reporter, comes very close to realising her dream as a news anchor when she is offered the job of a lifetime. But a … Continue reading Walk of Shame

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

The film a lot of people have been dreading this summer, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie hit cinema screens earlier this month and totally smashed the box office, holding top spot upon its release above contemporaries such as Tammy, The Fault in our Stars and 22 Jump Street. But why, if so many people claim to despise it, did it do so fecking well? Everyone’s favourite (or most hated, depending on which side … Continue reading Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

The Single Moms Club

A group of women from very different walks of life are all brought together when they are called into school to talk about their misbehaving kids. When forced to spend time together getting involved with the school to ensure their children aren’t expelled, the women eventually set aside their differences and find happiness and laughter in their shared experiences. Single mums are often represented in romance … Continue reading The Single Moms Club

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes follows two people who have never met but fall in love when they realise their bizarre psychic connection. Although living totally opposite lives, both Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) and Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) have been connected since they were kids, experiencing inexplicable feelings and hearing each others voices, seemingly in their minds. When they finally realise that they are both two very real people, the pair … Continue reading In Your Eyes