What’s bigger than a giant mythological snake that lives underwater? The colossal feeling of disappointment that this film brings. If you came looking for awesome Viking action then look elsewhere, the Ragnarok DVD cover lies. The ancient and modern worlds both collide when an archeologist uncovers the true meaning of the secret runes discovered in the Oseberg ship. Firstly, no they don’t. In fact there is very … Continue reading Ragnarok


There’s something heartwarming about family drama’s like Jimmy. They make you laugh and cry at the same time but are ultimately great feel-good movies. Jimmy (Ian Colletti) is a mentally challenged teenager who regularly interacts with supernatural beings only he can see, whom he calls ‘watchers’. Struggling with his ability to see things others can’t Jimmy lands himself in trouble after overhearing something he shouldn’t and … Continue reading Jimmy

In Fear

New couple Tom and Lucy head to a secluded hotel for a romantic getaway before meeting their friends at a music festival. When they get lost following signs that appear to send them on a wild goose chase it becomes apparent that there is more to it than dodgy road signs. ‘The best British chiller since The Descent’ is a very tall statement, emblazoned on … Continue reading In Fear

Dark Circles

A great little horror film that slipped right under the radar upon its 2013 release, Dark Circles is a decent film that packs a few satisfying scares. New parents Alex (Jonathon Schaech) and Penny (Pell James) are sick of their loud city life and decide to uproot their little family to a new place in the countryside. When the pair start seeing strange things around the house, they … Continue reading Dark Circles

Under the Bed

Most horror fans would admit that they enjoy a trashy low-budget horror flick as much as they do a decent one. For some reason, horror is about the only genre that can get away with shitty, underdeveloped films laced with bad acting and questionable special effects that are somehow still entertaining, and Under the Bed is definitely one of these. Neal (Jonny Weston) comes back to live … Continue reading Under the Bed


Hailed as one of the best films of 2013, Gravity is a visual feast not to be missed in stunning 3D. No, literally, don’t miss it in 3D…there’s no point watching Gravity anywhere but the big screen with a pair of 3D specs on your nose. Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a highly respected medical engineer, is sent on her first shuttle mission alongside veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George … Continue reading Gravity

The Big Wedding

If you’re looking for corny fun, look no further! The Big Wedding is everything you could want from a romantic comedy/drama and it boasts a stellar cast with Susan Sarandon, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton at the helm. A long-divorced couple has to fake being married at their adopted sons wedding because his birth-mother has a staunch view of marriage and divorce. The Big Wedding isn’t as predictable … Continue reading The Big Wedding