The Lodge

A young couple heads to a secluded lodge to spend the weekend getting high and having sex. You all know what’s coming next; the caretaker turns out to be a bit sadistic and things take a murderous turn. Not the most original concept in the world. The Lodge is a typical low budget horror/thriller, and is the directorial debut of Brad Helmink and John Rauschelbach who obviously wanted to play … Continue reading The Lodge

Ip Man

The first of several semi-biographical films about Yip Man (also spelled Ip Man), Ip Man stars martial arts legend Donnie Yen as the legendary martial arts master who was the first to teach Wing Chun, and is famous for teaching Bruce Lee. Ip Man is more than just a film about martial arts action, and Ip Man himself is a deep and interesting character. Donnie Yen‘s performance is fantastic and he executes the martial arts choreography … Continue reading Ip Man