161MC Logo

I decided against my first logo idea, Big Black Dog productions and have come up with something new instead. Harmer is a relatively unusual surname, and there’s no other production company with that name unlike Big Black Dog productions, so its more unique. I didn’t want to just have a logo using text, and I wasn’t sure what kind of image to use so I … Continue reading 161MC Logo

162 MC The Man Inside-Bloopers

We had great fun shooting our short film The Man Inside for 162MC, we were so lucky to be able to work with some brilliant actors, and the comedy was golden! For that reason, I have put together a gag reel of some of the shenanigans on set for your viewing pleasure (but mainly for my own amusement!). Clearly I just have too much time on my … Continue reading 162 MC The Man Inside-Bloopers

160MC Treatment and 30 Second Clip

Brian Harmer, my grandad, represented England in a sport called Motorcycle Football. He played abroad representing the country and to this day has cups and awards. My three minute documentary will be about his experience playing the sport and his stories surrounding it. In terms of visuals, I plan to avoid focusing on just basic face to face interview. I think it would be good … Continue reading 160MC Treatment and 30 Second Clip

People to People

Name: Brian Harmer Relationship: Grandfather Born and raised in Dover, Kent and now lives in Devon. Married with three children and 8 grandchildren. He once represented England in motorcycle football. He was a plumber and he did plumbing work for Roald Dahl and Jackie Stewart; he has signed memorabilia from Jackie Stewart. He has lots of stories, including stories of when he was a steward … Continue reading People to People

Creating an Impact in Media Production

I’ve been having a fiddle around on Photoshop and using my limited skills to come up with something that resembles a production logo. This is my first idea, and obviously it needs some fine tuning!   This is basically a tracing of a photo that I took of my dog, using two block colours and a tiny bit of shading.   Anyone that knows me … Continue reading Creating an Impact in Media Production