Home Review for CUEAFS

Chookiat Sakweerakul’s romantic drama anthology ‘Home’ follows three couples of different generations all linked together by their hometown. Dedicated to his late father who passed away in 2009,Sakweerakul explores love and loss through two school students’ blossoming romance, a grieving widow and a couple soon to be married… Read more here Continue reading Home Review for CUEAFS

Million Dollar Crocodile (Review for CUEAFS)

  ‘Million Dollar Crocodile’ has marked a milestone for Chinese cinema as the first monster movie to come from the mainland. Directed by Lin Lisheng (‘The Other Half’ and ‘A Disappearing Village’),‘Million Dollar Crocodile’ is nothing more than a fun monster flick with its tongue securely in its cheek… Read more here Continue reading Million Dollar Crocodile (Review for CUEAFS)

A Werewolf Boy (Review for CUEAFS)

‘Wuthering Heights’ meets ‘Teen Wolf’ in Jo Sung-hee’s romantic drama ‘A Werewolf Boy’, which took the Korean box office by storm with over seven million tickets sold upon its cinema release. Sun-yi is a teenage girl like any other. While exploring a strange noise coming from a shed in the garden, she finds a feral boy locked in a back room. Despite her initial fear and disgust, over time she befriends the … Continue reading A Werewolf Boy (Review for CUEAFS)

My Sassy Hubby (Review for CUEAFS)

  ‘My Sassy Hubby’ is a follow up film to the 2002 romantic comedy ‘My Wife Is 18′ (James Yuen) in which a 30 year old university student and an 18 year old school girl are pushed into an arranged marriage. Written and directed by James Yuen and starring the original actors Eikin Cheng andCharlene Choi, ‘My Sassy Hubby’ is a hilarious romantic comedy that stays true to its now decade-old predecessor… Read more … Continue reading My Sassy Hubby (Review for CUEAFS)

The Complex (Review for CUEAFS)

Horror fans will probably cringe at the thought of yet another Japanese ghost story, and ‘The Complex’ is just that. J-horror has become a thing of the past, and Hideo Nakata certainly made his mark within the genre with ‘Dark Water’ and the acclaimed ‘Ring’ franchise. However, his latest film ‘The Complex’ leaves a lot to be desired and if nothing else can be seen as a marker for the end of the J-horror reign… … Continue reading The Complex (Review for CUEAFS)

‘Shackled’ – check out my review of the Indonesian horror for CUEAFS

Indonesia is not best known for its horror films, but female director Upi’s latest film comes in the form of psychological horror Shackled. With previous experience as a horror screenwriter, and indeed having written the script for Shackled, Upi delivers a very strong and visually beautiful psychological thriller, but whether it can be classed as a horror is debatable… Read more here http://cueafs.com/2013/04/udine-feff-15-shackled-indonesia-2012-film-review/ Continue reading ‘Shackled’ – check out my review of the Indonesian horror for CUEAFS

Udine Far East Film Festival

My blog’s looking a bit neglected at the minute, but you can read my reviews of the films showing at Udine Far East Film Festival on our website : http://www.cueafs.com You can also check out our exclusive interview with Japanese director Miki Satoshi  along with my review of the world premiere of his latest film It’s Me, It’s Me.  There are lots of reviews and plenty … Continue reading Udine Far East Film Festival

CUEAFS at Udine Far East Film Fest’

    If you love East Asian cinema, then you may be interested in what CUEAFS will be doing out in Italy from the 18th of April. Udine Far East Film Festival is held annually and celebrates the best of recent East Asian film. If you want to see what films will be screening, have a look here. CUEAFS covers the whole event; interviewing directors, … Continue reading CUEAFS at Udine Far East Film Fest’

10 Days till Udine Far East Film Festival!

It’s just ten days until I’ll be flying off to Italy with seven other members of Coventry East Asian Film Society to go to Udine Far East Film Festival. Everything’s organised as far as I’m aware; the plane tickets are booked, the accommodation has been confirmed and we’ve all paid for our accreditation, just €30 for a press pass t0 get us into all the screenings. … Continue reading 10 Days till Udine Far East Film Festival!

My Latest Video for Source TV

This is my latest work for Source TV (Coventry Uni’s TV production group). Apparently it counts towards professional experience so I thought I’d post it on my blog 🙂 I filmed this outside, if you can’t already tell from the video, and it was so cold my hands nearly stuck to the camera! Apart from that it turned out ok….sound’s a bit off with all … Continue reading My Latest Video for Source TV