External link to Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo

Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo

Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo I’ve finally put Once Bitten, Twice Shy public on Vimeo for you all to see! I hope you enjoy it. For various reasons I’m not planning to enter any festivals with this film, largely because through extensive research (by extensive, I mean I googled it a few times) I’ve learned that the best publicity for a film and/or filmmaker … Continue reading Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo


Never thought creature horrors could be anything more than black comedies with questionable special effects? Think again. While it’s contemporaries like Lake Placid and recent Chinese monster movie Million Dollar Crocodile (or Croczilla as it’s sometimes known) are comedies with reasonable but not all that realistic special effects, Rogue gives us something believable and outright terrifying, with not a hint of comedy in sight. A rather attractive American journalist heads out to … Continue reading Rogue

Why Insidious is the Best Supernatural Horror since The Blair Witch

This is my first article for new film, TV and game website Screen Robot. Please check it and the new site out you won’t regret it! Insidious is one of the best supernatural horror films of recent years. Until James Wan’s latest offering The Conjuring came along and set the bar even higher, Insidious was arguably one of the best supernatural horror films since The … Continue reading Why Insidious is the Best Supernatural Horror since The Blair Witch

3 Days of Normal

3 Days of Normal is a breath of fresh air, a cute and beautifully filmed little rom-com with none of the cliche glitz and glam of Hollywood. A small-town love story with a poetically slow pace and some solid performances, 3 Days of Normal is a heartwarming little indie film and an example of what more romantic drama films should be like. Set in Washington, New Hampshire, a … Continue reading 3 Days of Normal


Aren’t we all completely fed up of exorcism horror movies by now? What more can they possibly bring to the table? A young woman gets possessed by an evil spirit in some bizarre innuendo-like fashion because women are weak, feeble and helpless. With the age-old moral that sex is wrong if you’re a woman (come on, what part of a ‘demon’ being inside a young … Continue reading Exorcismus

Monsters University

Twelve years after Monsters Inc comes the hilarious prequel that tells the story of how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) met. Mike meets Sulley at Monsters University, where he’s studying for his dream job; to be a scarer. Monsters University is everything you could expect from a Pixar prequel. It’s gorgeously animated and full of bright, fun colours ideal for the whole family. It’s great fun and … Continue reading Monsters University

The Road

The Road is about as bleak and unexciting as post apocalyptic films get, but what it lacks in thrills it more than makes up for in heart. It’s a warm story about hope, survival and the love between father and son. When the apocalypse hits a father and his young son are left to fend for themselves, wandering what’s left of the Earth in search of … Continue reading The Road