3 Daft Monkeys Year of the Clown

3 Daft Monkeys ‘Year of the Clown’ review

The album contains 12 enchanting songs, each of which will have your toes tapping. They’re unique and exciting and they’re different, showcasing the breadth of talent that these monkeys have.

Cornish folk band 3 Daft Monkeys are back with their latest album ‘Year of the Clown’ an album which they say ‘exposes their bare bones and their souls, is powerful, honest, naughty, ecstatic, wild and beautiful’ and boy, does it deliver!

Let’s start with the album artwork; you can always trust 3DM to conjure up some sort of quirky, beautiful and very clever artwork for their albums and Year of the Clown doesn’t disappoint, in fact, it could be their best yet. A very successful crowdfunding campaign via Pledgemusic, which saw them achieve over 100% of their target amount, has helped them to produce the album which is released in just TWO DAYS!! It shows just what a huge following they have, hailed as the ‘highlight of Glastonbury’ by BBC2’s Mark Radcliffe if you’ve not heard their music yet, now is your chance.

Since receiving the album yesterday afternoon I’ve listened to the whole thing three times already and Year of the Clown is probably their most dance-inducing album yet with some insanely catchy, upbeat tracks and an ever-so-slightly different sound. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it yet, probably because they’ve not stopped tapping, but there’s something very different to previous offerings which makes Year of the Clown really stand out. They’ve turned their incredible song-writing talents in a more political direction with the titular song ‘Year of the Clown’ commenting on the current political landscape and the fools that are now in charge. “Who put the crown on the head of the clown” is a question many of us are asking ourselves these days!

The album contains 12 enchanting songs, each of which will have your toes tapping. They’re unique and exciting and they’re different, showcasing the breadth of talent that these monkeys have. One of the most standout songs is the final track on the album ‘We are Revolution’ with its  delightful reggae-esque sound combined with a bit of rock in the chorus (which has an awesome drum beat!) it’s totally different to the usual 3DM sound, it’s fast paced with little tinges of lots of different genres and steps away from what we’re used to. Despite going for something a bit different though, fear not! The heart of 3DM’s music is still very much there and they’ve kept hold of what makes them so special. We’re treated to more of Athene’s incredible fiddle playing which has always given their music a depth and body that makes them so damn great to listen to! Their passion and zest for what they do shines through as always and it’s clear to see why so many people who catch them at festivals turn into dedicated fans.

Since Beautiful Days 2012, my first experience of folk music, I’ve been an avid 3DM fan. Their music is like nothing I’ve ever heard before and I can’t name another band for whom I’d be willing to sleep in a tent to see, but for 3 Daft Monkeys it’s always been worth it. I have NEVER danced to live music (I’m far too British for that) but my God, my feet take on a life of their own at a 3DM gig! It has to be said that they are one of those bands that you simply have to see live, nothing beats their live sound and I am very excited for the Year of the Clown tour which commences on Thursday the 6th of April in Nuneaton.  Once again they’re set to travel the country spreading their infectious joy and passion so if you can, make sure you go and see them at least once.


A big, fat Films and Things rating of 5*!!!!

3 Daft Monkeys 2017 Tour

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