BBC3s Thirteen: Can You Unravel the Mystery?

Although BBC 3 is now only available online that hasn’t stopped them from showcasing some fantastic new drama, namely emotional new drama Thirteen starring My Mad Fat Diary star Jodie Comer.

In a new drama mystery as gripping and confusing as ITVs Broadchurch, Comer plays 26 year old Ivy Moxom who has recently escaped from being held captive by a man for thirteen years. The first episode sees Ivy’s family desperately try to make things go back to how they used to be before Ivy disappeared whilst detectives uncover increasingly concerning evidence that suggests Ivy may not be telling the truth.

What’s interesting about Thirteen is that we know, or at least think we know, who the perpetrator is almost instantly. Things fall out of place as quickly as they fall in and unlike Broadchurch, where you have to try and put loose ends together, Thirteen forces you to undo the evidence and work backwards. The first episode of this exciting new series throws out as many questions as it answers and will no doubt have audiences everywhere hooked and eager for more. Reminiscent of other fantastic TV dramas like Marchlands and Broadchurch this series promises to keep people on their toes with its gripping and complicated plot and the fantastic performances, particularly from Comer, don’t hurt either!

Jodie Comer delivers an impressive performance in the first episode of the new drama and shows real promise for an exciting series. This is exactly the sort of drama that BBC 3 needs to be making; clever and intriguing Thirteen already has lots of people hooked and no doubt will prove to be an exciting and challenging series to watch.

For those that watched the first episode, who do you think did it? Why do you think Jodie seems to be making things up? Can you unravel the mystery? Sound off in the comments!



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