Drunk Film Review: The Gift

So I’ve drank about two bottles of wine and a cider (so far) so I thought that maybe a ‘drunk film review’ post would be a good idea. The only problem is it takes a lot to get me drunk but I figured the fact that my cheeks are starting to go numb suggests I’m drunk enough for this one to count.

The Gift is one of those films I hadn’t heard of till I saw it on the shelf in Tesco today for the measly cost of £10. So I did what any normal film fanatic would do and I streamed it for free online.

As a thriller, The Gift is pretty decent albeit totally predictable. A guy who’s been wronged in the past seeks revenge on the person who wronged him. Standard plot really. Jason Bateman is very good at playing someone who’s completely unlikeable even despite his good looks (which to be honest aren’t that good; a revelation I made tonight when watching this film). It wasn’t quite what I expected, and not really in a good way.

Maybe it’s because I’m tiddled or maybe it’s because the film was actually pretty decent but this film had me shouting, gasping and swearing like a sailor out loud at the TV which is something I like to think I don’t do very often but probably do…I get far too into my films and TV!

The point of this ‘drunk review’ post was because I know that even though I chat a lot of shit when I’m pissed, I’m more honest than I’ll ever be when I’ve had a few drinks, but this film has me stumped. Sorry guys, I was hoping for a laugh out loud ranty film review with plenty of witty one-liners but I just can’t think of any! Either this film was actually quite good, or my brain has just literally turned to wine!

The Gift is a decent suspense thriller with a twist ending that made me gasp out loud, but that was mainly because I wasn’t paying attention (I was looking at Facebook at the time) and it caught me by surprise. It’s one of those ‘meh’ films that’s ok and entertaining to watch but won’t leave you in a hurry to watch it again. My verdict; good but not great. If you’re bored one night then The Gift is pretty entertaining but don’t expect too much from it. Actually surprisingly little happened considering, I mean…if someone stole my dog they’d come away with more than just a few stitches over their eye and a broken arm, just sayin’.

Right….I need more wine….onto the next film!


4 thoughts on “Drunk Film Review: The Gift

  1. Yeah I agree with you about the whole what I would I do if my dog was stolen. Yeah , that guy would be hurting. Loving the Drunk Review angle. I need to have you on as a guest for As You Watch Podcast soon

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