When did The Walking Dead get so boring?

The latest episode of The Walking Dead’s sixth series aired on the 18th of October. Entitled JSS the episode answered the very big question we were left with at the end of the previous episode; who the hell set off that horn and why?

It wasn’t the horde of zombies we expected and actually turned out to be the wolves attacking the otherwise peaceful Alexandria.It’s been obvious for some time now that eventually the wolves (a group of savage people with ‘W’s written on their foreheads in blood) would attack ‘the group’ at some point and they’ve left a path of destruction in their wake.

There are some interesting theories, one that is particularly likely judging by the evidence we have so far is that Enid has all along been acting as a spy for the wolves, which would explain how they managed to time their attack to be right when the strongest members of the group (including Rick) were out wrangling zombies.

As interesting as all this is and as much as I want to see how it all unfolds I can’t help feeling pretty bored by the whole thing.

I’ve been a big fan of The Walking Dead since it first came out, watching it every week on FX, and firmly believed it to be one of the best things on TV. But that was five whole years ago, and five years is a long time. The novelty has well and truly worn off for me now, and five years feels way too long. They’ve exhausted pretty much everything and any plot twists now are just regurgitations of previous plot twists. It seems to follow this pattern where the group sets up camp somewhere safe and everything will be peaceful for a little while before a group, be it of zombies or savage people, invades, kills off a few main characters and leaves a load of destruction in their wake. Then the group has a long journey to find somewhere new to live, and then the whole pattern begins again.

I saw an article once where someone had taken the time to work out what the world would really look like during a zombie apocalypse and while I can’t remember figures, nor can I remember where I saw this article, they had worked out that the entire population would either be zombies or completely extinct fairly early on in the series given the population of that particular area of the US and subtracting the average amount of zombies vs survivors, or something like that. So basically in a nutshell there is no way that at this stage, five years in to the zombie apocalypse, there would still be hordes of hundreds of zombies still in existence. Granted the realism doesn’t really matter; zombies aren’t even real anyway, but it does make The Walking Dead in all its 5 long seasons look incredibly dragged out and long winded.

A lot of TWD fans came into it late, I know of many people who are big fans but cottoned on only recently, therefore they’ve no doubt watched all four seasons in a short space of time, in time to watch the fifth, and as a result they probably aren’t as bored of it as I am, although I’d be interested to hear from others who have been watching since 2010 to see if it’s just me!

Every series follows the same pattern and no matter how many plot twists and shocking narratives they try to throw in it never quite hits the spot. Yes it’s still quite an entertaining watch but it’s definitely lost its spark for me. We have a handful of characters left that have been in it since the very beginning, so a lot has changed since the start and many new faces have joined, but I’ve been thinking the same thing since season 3; they need to start being more ruthless with who they kill off, or they’re going to lose my interest entirely.

They’re following the comics so I suppose the series will go on as long as the comics do but sometimes you have to draw a line. It’s got to a point where it feels like they’re dragging it out for the sake of it, probably to keep the money rolling in thick and fast, when really someone needs to get ruthless and bring it to a satisfying end before those of us who have been watching since 2010 get so bored we give up before it’s even finished.

While I can agree that the series is full of lots of big events that are shocking and bloody and really have an impact on the story and the characters, it’s nothing we haven’t already seen before. The attack in the latest episode was brutal but we’ve seen all that shit before. Hopefully with the attack coming so early on in the series we could be in for some even more exciting episodes to come, here’s hoping!

8 thoughts on “When did The Walking Dead get so boring?

  1. I agree with you completely. I literally said the same thing to my mom the other day about how they find somewhere to live, it’s going good, something shit happens, a few main characters die and then they move on. I’ve been watching Fear The Walking Dead which i’ve actually been enjoying more but I don’t know where that’s going to go as they can’t have two shows doing the same thing. I hope they don’t keep this going for too much longer. I’m already losing interest now.

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  2. It really got so bland. I loved the first two seasons, I thought they were totally on to something with that. It was well put together and acted and it was intense. However, it just plummeted after that, getting more and more ridiculous and boring. I think my fiancé and I got to the end of season four and then called it, as it was painful enough to get through that. Ugh.


  3. It honestly went downhill for me after the 1st season. I loved that season, and then the second felt very slow, but I did my best to push through it anyway. Others told me very honestly, that while they were still watching, it didn’t get too much better, and so I stopped. I can imagine that it’s finally catching up to a lot of people. One of the things I’ve read from the shows’ producers is that they have no end in sight and are admitting that they’re just making it with the intention of keeping it rolling for as long as they can. To me, that is a bad approach. They should form some kind of end game and just finish it with a good story before they start losing lots of viewers. One of the reasons I was able to stick with the show Lost was because they blatantly said during their 3rd season that they would end it in either the 5th or possibly 6th season. That helped me get through all of the chaos and unresolved story lines that that shows is notorious for. Maybe Walking Dead should take a page from Lost or Breaking Bad, and maybe focus on where they’d like to conclude things. It’s not CSI or some crime of the week type of thing. It deserves a more careful process than that. Really dig your blog! Be sure to check out mine if you get a chance. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I totally agree, sons of anarchy did the same thing and the creator always knew from the start that it would end after season 7 and he knew what the ending would be, the whole story was just so much tighter and more enjoyable as a result. I so wish twd had done the same because it could’ve been so good!

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  4. I used to be an avid fan of the Walking Dead but no longer. Here are my top 5 reasons for why I feel the show is getting more & more boring: 1) Too few ‘real characters’ since the characters are now largely either superheroes who cannot be killed off (e.g., Michonne, Daryl) or unbelievable retards (e.g., almost all of the Alexandria folks), 2) too many good main characters are then written as idiots and killed off in a stupid fashion (e.g., Andrea, Deanna), 3) the core cast with whom we’re supposed to identify with are getting increasingly hard to like (e.g., crazy Rick who gets a thrill out of shooting people), 4) the same plot twists are constantly regurgitated so that the same pattern repeats itself over & over again (e.g., the group finds a safe place, crap happens, they leave and then repeat), and 5) too many ‘filler’ episodes that fail to provide any substantial character development and/or action scenes.

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  5. The Brits made a series about living dead called ‘dead set’ a few years ago ! It was brilliant because there were only 5 episodes … When a series lasts too long it gets automatically boring !

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    1. Yeah I watched Dead Set when it came out…it was very good. We don’t take too kindly to being referred to as ‘The Brits’, though 😉 haha but thanks for your comment.


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