imagesCatastrophe is yet another gem from Amazon Prime, this time a romantic comedy with a very, very British feel.

American advertising professional Rob gets Irish girl Sharon, a single 30-something living in London, pregnant when the pair hook up whilst Rob is on a business trip. Deciding to do right by the child the two very quickly move in together with hilarious results.

Catastrophe is a laugh out loud TV comedy with a brilliant cast and a fantastic grasp of deadpan British humour. The cutting humour rivals the likes of The Inbetweeners and black comedy film Sightseers and has a great realistic feel.

One thing you can count on with Prime Instant Video series’ is a real variety of accents, often having a diverse cast of people from all over the place and Catastrophe is no exception. Although this diversity in cast can sometimes get confusing (we have an Irish woman living in London with an American fiancecatastrophe and Scottish friends) it adds a nice depth to the series. Catastrophe feels like it should be set in Ireland, the music and Sharon’s accent give it that feel, and it does seem like a shame there’s no rolling Irish countryside to marvel at. But despite that slight pitfall the series is highly entertaining and a breath of fresh air. I challenge you to not laugh out loud!

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