Hand of God – Pilot

Amazon Prime are at it again proving once more that they’re capable of making some really, really good TV. The pilot episode of Hand of God is as slick and sinister as it is star studded, with Ron Perlman at the helm as morally corrupt judge Pernell Harris, seeking vengeance for his comatose son.

When his son attempts to commit suicide, Pernell Harris’s life spirals out of control. Once a revered judge, Harris begins to lose his mind in his desperate search for justice. Intent on finding the man who raped his daughter in law and caused his son’s attempted suicide Harris seeks out God’s help in the form of a rather sinister new church and slowly starts to believe that God himself is leading him on a path of vigilante justice.


Amazon’s high production value has a lot to do with how slick and stunning Hand of God is. The cinematography is impeccable, the editing is spot on and it’s clear Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster has a lot to give as a director in the world of television.

A combination of excellent writing and a fantastic performance from Ron Perlman makes lead character Harris incredibly sinister and unpredictable. The pilot episode promises plenty of potential for future story lines and sucks you in completely from the off. So many questions to answer and so many sinister and exciting possibilities. A character as unpredictable as Harris makes for an incredibly exciting watch and a very promising pilot.

If you’re still umming and ahhing about whether to sign yourself up for Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service, this pilot episode might just help you make up your mind and would be a brilliant way to make use of your 30 day free trial before you decide. Prime is fast shaping up to be stiff competition for the likes of Netflix with great variety and some top quality TV series’. The entirety of the series will be available for Prime viewers from the 4th of September, after its London premier on the 2nd. Make sure you’re all set to watch it, and be prepared to be hooked!

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