5 TV shows we’d love to see turned into films

Some TV shows are just so good it’s heartbreaking when they come to an end. Making a long running TV series is hard work and time consuming for the cast and crew alike and sometimes it just isn’t feasible to keep a series going any longer. But wouldn’t it be great if our favourite shows could have one last hurrah in the form of a feature film? Just look how good The Inbetweeners Movie turned out! Here are five more TV shows we would love to see get the Hollywood treatment.


Friends; the mother of all sit-coms, the epitome of 90s entertainment and probably the most iconic TV series ever. There was once a rumour that the Friends cast were going to reunite for a film but that sadly never happened. Just take a moment though to think how amazing it would actually be if this became a reality. Friends came to an end in 2004 so now, just over ten years later, would be the perfect time to pay our favourite sit-com buddies a visit. What are they up to now? Are Monica and Chandler still going strong? Has Ross shut up about ‘we were on a break’ and did Joey ever make it big in acting? For now it looks like we will never know the answers, but maybe one day we’ll be lucky.

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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is TV gold and another brilliant comedy series that has no doubt left a gaping hole in many people’s lives. Parks ran its last season this year and by the looks of it won’t be returning to our screens again for another series, which is a huge shame. So many fantastic characters all hilarious and amazing in their own right, except Jerry, damn it Jerry! Parks and Rec would make a great film and would probably have one of the funniest scripts of all time with some of the best one liners, especially from Ron.


How I Met Your Mother

Another long running sit-com that would make a great film, How I Met Your Mother came to an end last year after an impressive run. But who wouldn’t want to catch up with the group of chums to find out how they’re getting on now? So much could be done, so many things could happen, it seems a shame to leave so many unanswered questions. Just one little film would be enough to satisfy many fans still pining for the show.

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My Mad Fat Diary

A clever British drama, My Mad Fat Diary ended on a high recently with Rae heading off to university, much to everyone’s surprise. A brilliant comedy drama about coming of age, My Mad Fat Diary would make a great film and fans would no doubt love to see how things are going for Rae at university after managing to overcome her demons and follow her dreams.

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Derek proves that Ricky Gervais is capable of being much more than an arrogant, argumentative prick and is a heartwarming and laugh out loud comedy set in an old people’s home. Derek had a fairly short but very successful run on the BBC and would make for a hilarious film. Ricky Gervais proves he actually can act and his role as Derek is hilariously and heartwarmingly convincing.

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