My Mad Fat Diary Season 3; A Happy Ending

My-Mad-Fat-Diary-Series-3-Episode-3Much to fans delight My Mad Fat Diary began its third series three weeks ago, and sadly it is already over. With just three episodes season three wraps up the tragic, tumultuous and laugh out loud funny shenanigans of Rae and ‘the group’.

Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney) is a teenage girl battling with mental health issues. She’s anxious and lacks any self esteem and she has recently been discharged from hospital for attempting to commit suicide. My Mad Fat Diary follows her throughout her tumultuous life living at home with her mum and new step father.

Rae is a character that speaks to many people for many different reasons and it’s one of those rare shows that really gets to the heart of the struggles of growing up. Although it’s set in the early 90s it has a timeless feel and could fit into any given time period because it’s just so relevant to anyone who’s ever been a teenager. My-Mad-Fat-Diary-Series-3-Episode-3 (3)

Season 3 tied up all the loose ends and gave us a very happy and uplifting ending, although I’m sure I speak for many fans when I say it’s left us hungry for more. Three hour long episodes just wasn’t quite enough, the show is so addictive that the characters completely get under your skin and when it ends it feels like something’s missing.

Rae’s character is so well written and brilliantly portrayed by Sharon Rooney, I can’t even put into words how amazing Sharon Rooney is and I seriously hope we start to see even bigger things from her in the future, she is a highly talented actress and one to definitely keep your eye on. It’s impossible not to completely fall in love with Rae, most of the time she’s a hot mess but every mistake, every step My-Mad-Fat-Diary-Series-3-Episode-3 (2)backwards just makes her more and more real and relatable. There isn’t one show I can think of that compares when it comes to relating to characters and being completely absorbed and touched by their stories.

There was a horrible sinking feeling at the start of the final episode where it felt like Rae was going to kill herself, but the twist was brilliantly done. Never have I felt so relieved by a plot twist! My Mad Fat Diary resonated with me on an incredibly personal level like no other TV series, or film for that matter, has ever done. The ending had me crying happy-tears and I’m gutted that season 3 is, supposedly (although hopefully they can be persuaded to create more) the end of the series altogether.My-Mad-Fat-Diary-Series-3-Episode-3 (1)

A brilliant and heartwarming end to a fantastic series, the only let down being that there won’t be any more. I urge anyone who hasn’t seen this brilliant show yet to go and watch it, now!

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    1. I didn’t at one point say anything about 1993. Is this really all you can be arsed to comment on after reading a whole article, in which the year it is set in was mentioned once? God, I don’t even give a fuck lol


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