5 Film Franchises We Would Like To See Revisited in 2016

2015 is proving to be a good year for revisiting our favourite film franchises, what with Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, and even Star Wars: Episode VII which comes out in December. As well as big blockbusters we’ve also had Pitch Perfect 2 and Minions to enjoy this year and there’s even a second instalment of Ted.

With so many great franchises getting the sequel treatment this year, we thought we would take a look at five other franchises that we’d love to see revisited in 2016 so Hollywood, take note;

220px-Lethal_weapon1Lethal Weapon

There have been rumours about a possible Lethal Weapon 5, some mumblings about Chris Hemsworth being courted for lead, however sadly so far these seem to be just that; rumours.  Although Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are probably far too old for this shit now, a fifth Lethal Weapon would undoubtedly be awesome. The fourth film was released way back in 1998, so it’s long overdue a revamp. We’re suggesting Idris Elba for Glover’s role, feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments section too!

jdfxpW5LF36sHsHjyH8CMBEG4TFRush Hour

Another brilliant buddy comedy, Rush Hour is also deserving of a revisit however it looks as though it’s the actors standing in the way of a potential fourth instalment with Jackie Chan stating that he doesn’t need a Rush Hour 4 and that he refuses to do a rubbish script for the sake of it. While that’s admirable it is a shame, Rush Hour is a brilliant blend of buddy cop comedy and martial arts, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make a fab comedy duo and a Rush Hour 4 would, if nothing else, be a whole lot of fun.

poster-6659City Slickers

A brilliant Western-style comedy about three friends going on holiday once a year to get away from their wives, City Slickers would make for a great 2016 comedy with the potential to have a stellar ensemble cast. It’s a shame there are only two City Slickers’ when the concept and the story could make for a really popular and very funny film as long as they don’t stoop to The

Billy Crystal with Norman
Billy Crystal with Norman

Hangover’s level and try to maintain the original film’s dignity a little bit. And if they could throw in a few more little Norman’s that would be greatly appreciated and very much squealed over!

downloadSherlock Holmes

There’s just something so great about Guy Ritchie’s take on the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes, so great in fact we would love to see a third. This one is a lot less likely than any of the other franchises we have mentioned because Sherlock Holmes is now such a done-to-death story what with Sherlock on TV and Bill Condon’s upcoming Mr Holmes starring Ian McKellen that there probably just isn’t a need for it. However, for those of us that loved these films a third instalment would be warmly welcomed. They’re funny, action packed and, er, easy on the eyes (ladies you know what I mean!) what’s not to love? Sherlock Holmes 3 in 2016? Yes please!


Ron Perlman has been incredibly persistent about his desire to give the fans another Hellboy film and we are so on his side. He continues to rally support on social media and will not give up his hopes to give the fans a finale, stating that the third film will be mind blowing however he has admitted that financially the third instalment is almost impossible to achieve. We, along with thousands of fans, will continue to hope and pray that the third film becomes a reality because Hellboy kicks some serious ass.

Are there any films that you would like to see revamped or revisited in 2016? Do you have any objections to our choices or any suggestions for casting, plot lines or anything else? Please sound off in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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