The 10 Most Shocking Sons Of Anarchy Deaths

Amazon have recently announced that Prime Instant Video customers can now stream and enjoy all 7 series on their Prime Instant Video account which is great news for Sons of Anarchy fans.

So, in light of this good news I’ve decided to look back at the top 10 most surprising Sons of Anarchy deaths, including some from season 7 so please, don’t read on if you’re not fully caught up, I won’t be held responsible for spoiling it for you. You have been warned.

Sons of Anarchy is known for its brutality; no character is safe, not even the protagonist. There have been some truly shocking and unexpected deaths throughout the 7 series but some of them are more likely to stick with us than others. Here are ten of the most shocking Sons of Anarchy deaths;

Miles1. Miles

Miles wasn’t one of the biggest characters in the show, and he wasn’t exactly missed, but Juice shooting him in the head for fear of being rumbled for stealing drugs was very unexpected. Desperate times call for desperate measures though. Poor Juice, who was a fan favourite from the start, began digging a hole for himself fairly early on until eventually the club wanted him dead. That’s why Juice’s season 7 death won’t appear in this list, because we’d all seen it coming for a very long time.

download2. Donna

Donna’s death has always stood out to me as one of the saddest. She had always known that Opie’s involvement with the club would cause trouble and was so desperate for him to get out so that she could keep her family safe. Her accidental death was a tragedy made all the more upsetting by Ryan Hurst’s brilliant performance as a grieving husband. Not only was this death shocking for the already mentioned reasons but it also signalled, like many of the deaths do, a drastic change in the club.

Piney-shot3. Piney

Piney was the oldest member of the club and one of the few ties that was left to SAMCRO’s original leader and Jax’s dad John Teller. A member of the first nine his death was a shock to the system, and it made Clay all the more unlikeable. Executed in such a callous and brutal way by someone he once considered a friend Piney’s death was another one that was very difficult to watch and much like Donna’s death it signalled a drastic change to the club’s chemistry.

ZhuWNWt4. Half-Sack

Poor half sack was such a sweetheart, one of the few characters in the show who was genuinely a good person. He had so much going for him; he had a new relationship that seemed to be going well and he was working his way up through the club and becoming a respected member. Then all of a sudden he finds himself having to protect Tara and Abel from a knife wielding moron and it all ends very badly.

_14181323695. Dawn Trager

Sons of Anarchy really doesn’t have any limits on grossness and brutality. A guy being drowned in a tub of piss, and now Dawn being burned alive in front of her own father are definitely up there with the grossest. Dawn wasn’t a particularly nice character, in fact she was a bit of a bitch, but her death was very difficult to watch with poor Tig chained up and forced to watch. Damon Pope may have been getting revenge after Tig killed his daughter but it certainly didn’t make him any more likeable.


Opie’s death is one that shocked fans the most. He was one of the first proper main characters to go and he was much loved by fans too. He was a big teddy bear and definitely one of the good guys and the poor man, who had almost lost everything, finally had so much to live for after marrying Lyla. In the heartrending scene he looks to Jax and mouthes ‘I’ve got this’ before being bludgeoned in the head and killed on the spot.

download (1)7. Clay

Clay grew more and more unlikeable as the series went on but despite this his death was still a shock. He truly believed he was back on the clubs good side. He’d been rescued from prison by the club and they did an incredibly good job of convincing him that things were going to be ok between them, even Gemma had a hand in making him believe his life was back on track and it was done so well that for the most part the audience believed it too. So when Jax revealed that he had actually been brought there to be killed I couldn’t help feeling a tiny bit sorry for him. Then I remembered how much of a dick he was.

sons-finale8. Tara

Oh Gemma, what a bitch! Misunderstanding the situation entirely Gemma took it upon herself to murder her son’s wife and the mother of her grandchildren in a brutal kitchen scrap. Many viewers will agree when I say I did not see it coming in the slightest. Tara’s death and the way it was carried out is probably the most unsettling and shocking of the lot, especially with what follows throughout series 7 with Gemma covering her tracks and pointing the finger at the Chinese.

Jax-kills-Gemma-Sons-of-Anarchy-7x12.bmp-e14176679816139. Gemma

But when Gemma finally confesses and Jax finds out she killed Tara, she has to accept her fate; a bullet to the back of the head. Another death I really didn’t see coming, despite the fact that she deserved it. It really didn’t seem as though she would ever get her comeuppance and it certainly didn’t seem like Jax would have the guts. Luckily though he plucks up the courage and gets it done, and the whole thing is actually really satisfying.

Jax-meeting-mr-Mayhem-article10. Jax

I never in a million years thought the series would end with Jax killing himself. Although I had started to dislike him by the end for being such a shockingly shit father and husband, I still had it in my head that he would live happily ever after with Wendy and the boys so when he sends them packing with Nero and accepts that he himself has to die it comes as quite a shock. Admittedly his death could have been better; I think it could have been made a lot more poignant than him riding his bike into the front of a lorry at what looked like a very slow speed.

Sons of Anarchy is a stroke of genius and creator Kurt Sutter’s no-nonsense approach to his writing is fantastic. No character was safe throughout the entire series, not even the protagonist  and there was bloodshed galore! If you’ve not seen it before, or if you have but want to enjoy it all over again, you can now watch all series’ on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video.

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