Outlander: ‘Sassenach’

outlander-season-1-episode-7-claire-frankThe first episode of Amazon-original series Outlander kicks off to a flying start with stunning scenery that puts BBC’s Poldark to shame.

After being apart for five years during the war, Claire Randall and her husband embark on a ‘second honeymoon’ in Scotland to reconnect and celebrate the end of the second world war. But things take a turn for the worst when Claire (Caitriona Balfe), an army nurse, steps through an ancient standing stone circle and finds herself in 1743. 

Caitriona-Balfe-in-Outlander-e1407282668725The first episode of Outlander shows promise for an action packed and intriguing series full of sumptuous visuals, solid performances and a brilliant soundtrack. A sort of adventure-cum-fantasy version of Ashes to Ashes, Outlander’s female lead Caitriona Balfe is a feisty and intelligent protagonist which is something that is happening more and more in entertainment. It’s refreshing to see a female character that can hold her own and Caitriona Balfe plays the role flawlessly.

455bf621-5d9e-4e67-9de8-d7a8123f0787Claire has been apart from husband Frank (Sam Heughan) for five years, only seeing him for a total of ten days during that time, and straight away it is obvious that Claire is a woman who gets what she wants. In a steamy scene while the couple explore an abandoned castle she makes it clear exactly what she’s after and isn’t afraid to get it, either. While not so unusual these days, this sort of portrayal of a female character is still something of a breakthrough and it is no wonder that Outlander has struck a chord with many women, being described in a recent review outlander-claireby Zap2it as ‘Game of Thrones for soccer moms’. It’s a fantasy adventure drama with all the high quality, stunning visuals that Game of Thrones boasts but with the tables turned in terms of gender. This time the woman is in charge; she even uses her intelligence, sass and even her unapologetic use of profanity to get one over on her so-called captors, and it makes for a very refreshing watch.

Amazon are starting to produce some very promising TV series’ and Outlander is definitely one to take a look at. It’s funny, full of adventure and action and even has some steamy romance thrown in as well. It’s everything you could want from a TV series and is perfect for a cosy night in. What’s not to love?

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