American Sniper

american-sniper-bradley-cooper-sienna-miller1If 132 minutes of Bradley Cooper looking moody sounds like your idea of a fun night in, then American Sniper might just be the film for you.

Based on a true story, American Sniper is about Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who’s pinpoint accuracy earns him the nickname ‘legend’ on the battlefield. With a wife and two young children at home, Chris struggles to leave the horrors of war behind him and be a husband and father.

There’s no doubt that American Sniper is a stunning biographical drama, yet despite rave reviews american-sniper_612x380_1and a premise that’s Oscar-worthy by any standards, what could be hard-hitting and emotional is actually quite boring and long winded in parts. The ending, which has the potential to be heartrending just sort of fizzles out disappointingly. We are teased with the possibility of a sickly sweet happy ending before the inevitable, hard-hitting truth is revealed, but it’s in the dull fade-to-black-and-add-a-title reveal where the films conclusion turns into a bit of a damp squib.

american-sniper (1)What American Sniper does well however is show us the harsh realities of war, forcing us to get so involved in the plot that it’s almost uncomfortable to watch. Seeing children in a snipers’ cross-hairs isn’t easy for anyone to watch. Bradley Cooper’s performance, which has been praised (and rightly so) as his best performance of his career to date, is so on point that these hard to watch scenes are even harder. The audience is not only forced to see women and children in Chris’ cross-hairs but we are also forced into the emotional roller coaster that he’s experiencing while he does his job.american-sniper

The obligatory love story going on behind the war scenes adds a bit of depth to the story but doesn’t feel as substantial as it could. The film is very episodic and as a result we speed through all the stages of Chris’ life, including getting married and fathering two children, without really feeling it. As someone who’s far more interested in the drama aspect than the action scenes, Chris’ relationship with his wife (Sienna Miller) and children doesn’t fully come across and it’s difficult to really relate.

American Sniper 
isn’t really doing anything that we haven’t seen before. There are countless films that show the harsh realities of war, so it’s nothing particularly new. However the strength of the performances carries it, particularly that of Bradley Cooper. It’s a film that I’m sure people who enjoy war films will love, but for me it was just too long winded and boring, and while I can appreciate it as a brilliant film, it’s not something I’d want to watch again.

An alternative opinion…

My other half expressed an interest in watching this film a little while ago, for some reason, because ‘the american-sniper-2trailer looked awesome’ (his words, not mine) and so tonight when we were struggling to pick a film we settled for this; me somewhat begrudgingly. Needless to say his opinion is very different to mine so I thought I’d add a little sidenote and let you know what my movie-watching companion thought.

Me: Sum it up in a sentence

Wayne: Awesome

Me: That’s not a sentence

Wayne: Well I dunno. I thought it was really good. It tells a proper story, shows what it’s really like for soldiers.

So there we are folks! There’s two points of view for you, go forth and watch and as always please sound off in the comments below and let me know your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “American Sniper

  1. Interesting take on the film Natasha. Firstly can I just say that is always nice to see a review from you, because you are on of the oldest blogs I follow WordPress (I think back in 2012 or 2013) so I always like seeing stuff from you.

    Anyways on to the film. I wanted to see this film just to see what the buzz about and while I don’t think it is the best film ever and some of the other Oscar-nominated films are much better, I still likd it. Considering Clint Eastwood’s recent track record, I think this is his best film since Gran Torino. Like you said this film illustrates the harsh realities of war and makes you feel so uncomfortable and the tension on the battlefield is insane. I also liked Cooper’s performance though I have liked his performances in some of his other films more so than this one. I also like the love story element with Cooper and Sienna Miller.

    That being said this film did feel a bit generic and was very long-winded and it also felt like the film was a little a pro America. But I didn’t hate the film and I found a lot to enjoy in this film.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 yeah i’m trying to get back into writing reviews now i have a bit more spare time 😀
      Glad you liked it 🙂 i didnt mind it, and yeah it’s definitely very pro america i agree! Just a little bit boring for me, i’m not a big war film fan!

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