tammy2I am unashamed to admit to being a bit of a Melissa McCarthy fan. Ever since her appearance as hilarious misfit Megan in Bridesmaids, she has been one of my favourite comedy actresses. Despite this though, I’d been looking forward to Tammy since seeing the first trailer ages ago with a pinch of dread.

McCarthy seems to be getting typecast as the butch, loud, funny fat lady (see The Heat and Identity Thief as prime examples!) and all of those performances are much the same. It’s a shame, because she is more than capable of portraying any kind of comedic role well, and she is much more talented than these limited castings give her credit for.

So the time came, and tonight was the night I put Tammy on because, well I had nothing better to do and needed a laugh. maxresdefault

I have to say, the trailer does not do this film justice. While predictably McCarthy does play the loudmouth we’ve come to expect, the film has a lot more heart than the trailer implies. Pair that with a surprisingly good cast, including Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates, and you’ve actually got yourself a decent comedy.

Tammy does follow the typical Melissa McCarthy character arc though, so don’t expect anything original. The loudmouth, butch fat lady who is down on her luck in more ways than one does some loudmouth, funny but kind of slapstick stuff. Along the way we realise through various upsets in her life that she actually is a nice person beneath all the 135204_ccshouting and swearing, and we grow fond of her, and then she finds love. The end.

There’s nothing particularly original about Tammy and to be honest, limiting Melissa McCarthy to these types of roles only limits the comedic potential of the film, and Tammy has very few laugh out loud moments. Susan Sarandon is probably the highlight of the film, playing McCarthy’s alcoholic grandmother. Her drunken antics are brilliantly funny, and she is the perfect casting choice, albeit quite unexpected!

Basically, this film is pretty funny and not completely terrible. It’s a lot better than McCarthy’s other efforts in this sort of comedy which, apart from imagesBridesmaids, have been shit. I know there are a lot of McCarthy haters out there who don’t think she’s funny, but to be honest, I don’t care…don’t like her don’t watch her films, it’s that simple! If you like her, then Tammy is a reasonable watch, if you don’t like her, I suspect gouging your own eyes out with blunt spoons would probably be more bearable.

3 thoughts on “Tammy

  1. This is the only review I’ve seen that was not scathing. You are upfront with your bias and fearless in expressing your opinion. I doubt that I will ever see this film but I am not a McCarthy hater, it just looked terrible to me.

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  2. Interesting review Natasha, honestly McCarthy does piss me off a little bit. I don’t think it is her fault, but more so the films that have made her the typecast character that we see today, I thought she was one of the better aspects of Bridesmaids (a film I don’t actually like nearly as much as everyone who likes comedies do), but since then I’ve just seen a film with her in it and sighed. I’m sure she is capable of more, but her appearance in comedies just makes me cringe.


    1. Yeah, she is getting typecast now and it drives me mad…she is capable of so much more! In Mike and Molly, she shows she is clearly capable of playing a funny female character who doesn’t resort to shouting and swearing…even though after a while that show drove me up the wall!
      It’s a shame she’s been put in a box because she is genuinely funny…her interviews on Ellen when she’s just being herself are some of her funniest moments, I don’t think she’s been in a proper ‘good’ good comedy since Bridesmaids, this one was OK but nothing more than that


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