American Horror Story: Freakshow Is Creeping Me Out

Screen-Shot-2014-10-01-at-20.20.49Ok, confession time! American Horror Story: Freakshow is officially creeping me out. This is not an easy thing for a horror fanatic to admit, because in terms of horror, AHS is pretty tame, but damn is it freaking me out!

Let me begin by just saying that I’m not actually enjoying this season that much. It’s difficult to really form an opinion based on two episodes, but the general feel and atmosphere just isn’t quite the same as the previous three seasons and it just hasn’t yet drawn me in.

The thing that’s bothering me the most is some of the accents. Jessica Lange is putting on a German accent, which for the most part is pretty solid, but when it slips, it slips bad and that’s kind of annoying. Kathy Bates is also putting on an accent, albeit less of an extreme change, and her pronunciation of words like ‘home’, or anything with an ‘oh’ sound really pisses me off. Why can’t they just speak in their normal voices?

Anyway, I’m deviating from the point a little bit.

So why is it creeping me out?

That fucking clown!

I’ve seen a lot of things floating around on Facebook about him, mainly that a group of clowns have got pissed off that the character is adding to people’s fear of clowns, and they aren’t totally wrong.

This fear just took me by surprise, as if from nowhere. I’d watched the first episode and not flinched. I was underwhelmed, I’d images2watched it in the middle of the day, in bright light. I didn’t think much to the new series and wasn’t overly impressed with its overall atmosphere, and was actually kind of pining for Coven, or even Asylum, to make a return so I could once again get into what used to be an incredible TV series. The clown didn’t bother me, I half watched the show, half played Solitaire on my phone because that’s kind of become my thing now whenever I watch TV, I just can’t concentrate on things for long!

Anyway, my point is when I was watching the show, none of it affected me. I got a bit bored, but otherwise I felt nothing unusual.

Then it hit me.

I was walking down the hall that night, the lights are dim and it was dark, and there’s a little hall going off to the side down the hall leading to the back door. I couldn’t see, and to get to the next light switch I have to pass that dark little corner and I was suddenly overcome with fear and I was convinced that fucking clown was going to be there, ready to jump out at me with that psychotic grin and his dirty playsuit.

I’ve never had a fear of clowns, may I add. But I have always had a fear of the dark, and pair that with a good imagination and you have yourself a complete fucking nightmare whenever you need to get up in the night.

I will precariously balance on the edge of the staircase at home and lean over the bannister to turn the light off in the hall downstairs so that I’m not standing in the hall itself when it goes dark. I then practically run upstairs because for some reason I have this vision of a werewolf breaking in the back door and chasing me, so I have to be in bed and under the quilt before he has time to make it upstairs.

american-horror-story-freak-show-and-focused-it-on-twisty-the-clown-ftrI am twenty one next month, by the way, in case you were wondering whether I was a twelve year old with a real profanity problem!

Anyway, in this house at uni, it’s pretty creepy as it is because there’s only two bedrooms downstairs, and when everyone else has gone to bed it’s very quiet down here. I don’t like leaving lights on overnight because it wastes electric but I also don’t like the dark, so it’s a dilemma whenever I need a drink. Fortunately I have an en suite, so needing the loo in the night isn’t such a terrifying nightmare anymore.

After watching You’re Next (which is not scary in the slightest) I suddenly had this fear that whenever I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen at night, someone would fire an arrow through the window at me. Now I’m picturing that bloody clown wherever I go.

I am the least scared person when it comes to horror films, they don’t phase me in the slightest…I’ll happily watch them alone in a dark room in the middle of the night and not get creeped out. But turn the film off and make me walk down the hall in the dark and I am the biggest chicken ever.

I could do with a drink right now actually, but I’m certain that clown is waiting for me.

8 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Freakshow Is Creeping Me Out

  1. The best horrors get you a few days afterwards. It is why I like Insidious so much. I will be in my room at night, suddenly become aware my curtains are open and be convinced that if I turn and look, something will be looking back at me.


    1. God Insidious freaked me out too…it was that clip in black and white when the demon is standing in the corner pointing at the kid with his bony finger…eurgh!

      ….I’ve just become very aware that my feet are hanging over the edge of the bed…… D:

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  2. It’s interesting that so many fans of the series are so underwhelmed by this season. I’ve never seen any other season, yet I LOVE this season thus far. Nice review on that clown…he’s the ultimate creep.

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    1. Yeah, I think it may be down to how different it is to previous seasons…I can see why it’d be great for someone who hasn’t seen it before, but it has a very different atmosphere and the characters just aren’t as good…the past two seasons were amazing!
      Yeah the clown is horrible! D:


  3. Haha that’s hilarious, sorry but clowns are pretty funny, but when people say they’re afraid of clowns it makes me want to laugh. Now to be fair that clown does look messed up, like a psychotic, drugged-up drunk who is ready to attack without anyone being able to tell until it is too late.

    P.S. I can’t believe you’re 21, you seem so mature for your age I assumed you were nearer my age. Uni really changes your perception of people and their ages lol.


    1. Fearing clowns is a strange one…I’ve never been afraid of them, killer clowns never worked on me until this! I think it’s more the creepy grin and the hiding in the dark that gets me…the way he acts as opposed to the clown thing. But I don’t know
      Haha I guess that’s a good thing! 😛 I’m not even technically 21 yet, my birthday is in November xD


      1. I;ve always found to be strange, but still more funny that scarey. I don’t know if I’d even call that a grin, its some form of facial expression that is dodgy, there needs to be a new expression for it. Oh so you’re only 20, damn! You have so much living to do, I can’t wait for you to advance to 21, life really does get interesting from that point onwards. And in case you don’t do a blog post for it, early happy birthday! 🙂


      2. Haha I know, got a lot of things still to do! I think life will only really change once I finish uni though, which isn’t until May/June time….but then things’ll get crazy :/ not sure I’m looking forward to it! haha
        Thanks 🙂


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