Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

maxresdefaultThe film a lot of people have been dreading this summer, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie hit cinema screens earlier this month and totally smashed the box office, holding top spot upon its release above contemporaries such as TammyThe Fault in our Stars and 22 Jump Street. But why, if so many people claim to despise it, did it do so fecking well?

Everyone’s favourite (or most hated, depending on which side of the fence you reside) Irish matriarch Mrs Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) is left having to fight to keep her beloved fruit and veg stall when a company threatens to shut the entire market down.

The critical reception of this film seems to contradict box office stats. The general consensus of the majority of people who have mrs-browns-boys-dmovie-movie-wallpaper-7aired their thoughts and opinions on this comedy caper has been that it’s shit, while the sheer amount of money that the film has raked in says otherwise. It’s one of those films where people who hate the TV show will insist on seeing the movie just to slate it in a bid to gain oneupmanship on those who like it, and those who love it will go and see it as many times as they can and not give a fuck. For that reason alone Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is doing something a lot of films fail to do and that’s create a massive impact on everyone; not just its fans but its haters as well.

Anyone that’s seen the TV show knows the acting leaves a lot to be desired. Mrs Brown’s Boys is largely a family affair, a family in which not everyone has wonderful acting talents. The jokes are often overused, the capers are hugely exaggerated and sometimes they try so hard to be funny that you just want to put your face through a wall and end the pain (or turn the TV off, but the people who hate on Mrs Browns Boys, and indeed other shows and films MrsBrownsBoysDMovie3with a clear divide between fans and haters, don’t seem to realise there is an off button) but that’s all part of its charm. It’s a Marmite kind of affair, some will love it, some will hate it, there doesn’t really seem to be a mid ground.

The film is very much like the TV show, so if you don’t like the show, don’t see the film, it’s quite simple! But for those of us that sit on the side of the fence that favours the crazy matriarch and her oddball family, the film is great. Yes the storyline is stupid, the acting can be poor, the jokes sometimes make you want to groan and hide under the seat, but it’s still a laugh. It has heart, which a lot of films sadly lack, if you’re invested in Mrs Brown and her antics then the film does threaten to bring a lump to your throat at times. It does exactly what Brendan O’Carroll and the rest of the cast and crew want to do and that’s make people laugh. There’s a sad shortage of feel good, funny films that actually genuinelymbbd make you laugh so Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is a pleasant retreat from reality.

It’s clear that Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is going to divide opinions, but for those of us that enjoy the TV show, the movie is a great bit of entertainment. There are many flaws, and technically yes, it’s a terrible film, but it has heart and it’s funny, and hey *sings* ‘it’s Mrs Brown!’

5 thoughts on “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

  1. Never heard of this material before, stateside we are not privileged enough to get this program. Is that a guy playing a woman? We do have Madea for that kind of fun, but it’s not my cup of tea. I’m not a hater but it does not look good. If you enjoyed it more power to you. Thanks for a little culture lesson.


    1. I thought Mrs Brown’s Boys had made it over to the US? Maybe not, but yeah it is a man playing a woman. I mean granted, it isn’t great quality TV but it’s a good laugh,


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