At Middleton

at-middleton-2-640x420Two parents fall in love during their children’s college tour when the pair decide to stray from the tour group and spend the day causing mischief and revisiting their own college days, much to their college-hopeful children’s dismay.

At Middleton is a slow-paced romance with a warm heart and a decent cast. Sisters Vera and Taissa Farmiga play mother and daughter Edith and Audrey Martin (which is slightly odd for anyone who knows them as sisters and takes a little while to get past) while Andy Garcia plays Edith’s love interest George. As director and writer Adam Rodgers‘ first feature film, At Middleton is a solid attempt at a cute, warm little AtMiddleton4romance however as just another romance movie released under the radar, At Middleton is sorely lacking and not at all impressive.

There are some moments of brilliant comedy, predominantly coming from the chemistry between Garcia and Farmiga who make a completely believable potential-couple. When they are allowed to bounce off each other the comedy verges on hysterical and the script is brilliant in parts, however all of this is lost in a giant sea of nothingness inbetween. We are given glimpses into the story of Edith’s pained daughter Audrey and her quest to meet and impress her literary hero who also happens to be a professor at the college, and while Taissa Farmiga proves to be just as good an actress as her older sister, these scenes seem to be thrown in purely to extend the length of the film rather than for any decent reason. These added scenes detract from the heart of the film, which is the unlikely relationship between Edith and George and don’t at_middleton_a_lreally give anything to the story; do we care about what’s going on with Audrey? No, we just want to see what happens between Edith and George and the film relies upon this ‘will they won’t they’ theme that keeps the audience interested.

At Middleton seems to go on for an hour too long. It’s one of those films where just when you think it’s about to end it carries on for another half an hour or more and up until about half way through the film it is really enjoyable. The magic tails off though and  eventually it seems to be dragging just for the sake of it. There are several points in the film where the ending would fit nicely, however by the time it finally gets to the end it feels nothingy and disappointing. There is no wow At Middleton still 7factor, it just slowly drags its feet until the sorely disappointing climax.

While not a great film, At Middleton is still a decent laugh if there’s nothing better on. It’s a sweet enough romance with some moments of brilliant comedy and it’s a very easy watch.

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