Cuban Fury

128218Ex tango dancer Bruce (Nick Frost) who has let himself go after being bullied for his flamboyant pastime as a child finds his passion for the dance reignited by his new boss Julia (Rashida Jones) who is a self-confessed tango addict. To get the girl, Bruce has to revisit his old hobby and re-learn the tango.

Cuban Fury boasts a great comedy cast with Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd at the helm. Frost dancing the tango is, for obvious reasons, pretty funny even without the comedic script and brilliant supporting acts, namely Kayvan Novak as fellow dance addict Bejan who adds some serious laugh out loud moments to the film. Watching Frost‘s Bruce inelegantly Cubanrashida_2822472bbumbling around the dance floor (prior to re-learning his talent and turning out pretty damn good, of course) is comedy gold.

The rivalry between Bruce and cocksure workmate Drew (Chris O’Dowd) is genius despite O’Dowd‘s character being almost irritatingly obnoxious. Their desperate quest to win the same girl over paves the way for some hilarious bust ups including a very funny dance off/fight scene including a hilarious drive-by cameo from a well known friend of Frost‘s, but you will have to watch the film to find out who. Olivia Colman is an excellent addition to the cast as Bruce’s sister who is always there to give Bruce funny and predominantly slightly drunken advice in the love department.

downloadCuban Fury is a feel good film with lots of zest. It’s cheesy, vibrant and great fun and will have you tapping your toes to the music. The best part of the film is the last quarter, unfortunately some of the beginning of the film drags somewhat and the comedy is sparse however the final half an hour or so more than makes up for it. The cast is excellent, there are some very clever nods to other films and, let’s face it, not much could be funnier than Nick Frost trying to dance the tango, so Cuban Fury is sure to be a winner.

5 thoughts on “Cuban Fury

    1. I was the opposite, I looked forward to it and see it in the cinema, but now i’m glad I didnt! Its good and all, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped. Worth a watch though


  1. Great review yo! 😀

    The way you summarised the film in the final paragraph was pretty much how I felt about the film exactly. I did like the film, but I feel like the lead up to the end was a bit dull and uninteresting at points. Frost is great, O’Dowd is good but frustratingly cruel and annoying and Kayvan Novak is just incredible, definitely my main source for humour in yeh film. I felt like Rahsida Jones was very plain and underutilized in this film though.


  2. I also was excited to see the film but didn’t feel it lived up to my expectations. Loved the cameo too! 🙂


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