maleficent-maleficent-2014-37052303-1279-533The untold story of the Sleeping Beauty villain is explored in this visually compelling box office hit.

Maleficent, a rebellious and vindictive fairy, seeks to right the wrongs done to her by a human man that she once loved by cursing his infant daughter. However she learns during the child’s first sixteen years that she may hold the key to peace between the human world and the world of the fairies, and she soon regrets her curse.

Maleficent has proven to be a box office hit, and has people of all ages rushing to their nearest cinema. Everyone loves a Disney film; they’re perfect for adults and children alike and they are guaranteed to be good fun if nothing else. Maleficent latches on to the notion that there are two sides to every story and takes full artistic licence to do whatever the hell it wants with a well known fairytale villain. While this idea is interesting and could pave the way for many  more films of a similar ilk, it is in many ways just a glorified remake.images

Angelina Jolie delivers a wonderful performance in a role where, in all fairness, she doesn’t exactly have to do much but look terrifying (and yet stunning at the same time). The film is beautiful, the 3D element is totally unnecessary but aside from that the mixture of live action and animation works brilliantly to conjure this stunning fantasy world. Considering its origins it’s actually a really heartwarming tale with plenty of humour easily enjoyed by all ages.

There are hundreds of fairytale films and stories out there who’s villains have untold stories, there could literally be a counter film just like Maleficent for every fairytale Disney film  ever made. People are sucked in to this idea of telling the true story behind our favourite evil villains, and giving these characters a voice they didn’t perviously have. This theme is prevalent in the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy and has been done countless times before and angelina-jolie-goes-villainous-in-the-first-teaser-trailer-for-maleficent-watch-now-148554-a-1384352634-470-75usually to great success. However, you have to sit back sometimes, ignore how beautiful the visuals are and how great Jolie‘s performance is and think about how much we all despise remakes (most of the time) and question ‘what’s the difference’? As much as I enjoyed and rate Maleficent as a lovely and visually brilliant film, I can’t help but find myself praying this doesn’t become the next Hollywood fad. I’m pretty sure this untold villain stuff where we’re forced to consider the other side of the story will very quickly get boring. Sometimes villains should just be villains, and we should be allowed to hate them without having to think about their side of the story.

10 thoughts on “Maleficent

  1. Haven’t see it yet, but when i saw some of the previews and preview pics, I had to wonder if Angie hadn’t made a blunder in taking this role. Seems – by most reviews – that she saves the movie instead. ?


    1. Yeah, I think if it’d been a different performance as Maleficent the film could easily have been shit, but she is brilliant in it. Albeit she literally just has to stand around looking pale and angry most of the time! There are some really funny bits in it though


  2. You’re definitely right to say that Angie doesn’t have to do much but give a look, and that’s a good thing here. A simple stare from her character commands more attention than all supporting actors combined!


  3. Sleeping Beauty was a very simple story made for children of a different era. The character arc for Maleficent was excellent in this film and true to so many people’s lives. I also like the change in recent Disney films (Frozen is also a good example) that a woman is not defined by saviour men but by the strength within themselves.


  4. Cool review Natasha, glad to see you getting into the swing of thinsg again yo. 😀

    As for this film I liked it and thought it was better than expected, but other than Jolie’s performance the film was fairly weak. I was just annoyed with the way the title character wasn’t evil at all, she was just hurt at a point in a her life, but then jumps back and forth between being good and bad. I want her to be PURE evil like her old animated counterpart. I felt cheated when the film ended.


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