The Bleeding House

bh1The Bleeding House is one of those films that teeters on the edge of brilliance, while at the same time being a complete pile of bollocks.

A very suspicious stranger seeks shelter at a family’s home when his car breaks down. However what he finds is a family torn apart by a dark history and a very deadly secret.

The Bleeding House‘s near brilliance  lies in the performances of some of the lead actors, namely Patrick Breen‘s depiction of creepy and suspicious stranger Nick. His bizarre ‘old-world’ appearance and manner of speaking gives him this terrifying air that puts you on edge from the start however the cliche of his appearance; clutching a doctors briefcase and donning a stupid hat to match his cream linen suit, verges on comedic at times and gives the film that odd balance between total genius, and a load of shit. BLEEDING-0031

Another noteworthy performance is that of Alexandra Chando as the family’s troubled teenage daughter Gloria. Not only is it impressive for an actress who’s nearly 30 to play a teenager so convincingly, she manages to be just as terrifying, if not more so, than Breen‘s character. Another  element of genius in the film is the battle between the two characters, both of which are so convincingly troubled and evil, you can never tell how it will end.

downloadThe issue with the film, and where it loses its chances of being truly brilliant, is the absurdity of the situation. We never really know quite why Nick has turned up, or why he decides to do what he does to the family. There appears to be no explanation and it’s all very contrived and very odd. While there is nothing wrong with a film that’s a bit surreal and unrealistic, The Bleeding House is so odd and the situation so under-explained that it’s very difficult to take seriously. The menace and tension is very cleverly built, largely through Breen and Chando‘s performances and the pacing is very well done. The film does have the potential to be a brilliant dark horror thriller and if you can get past the slightly absurd elements that make it difficult to take seriously, it is a decent film.

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