Interview with Sarah Jane Murphy (The Randomers)

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 19.33.51Sarah Jane Murphy is an Irish musician known mainly as one of The Murphy Sisters, The Randomers is her first major acting role.

What drew you to the part in The Randomers?

I was drawn to the character Dara’s attitude and slight vulnerability. She finds silence richer and a deeper way of expressing herself naturally, and I found this concept very intriguing. Furthermore she is completely frustrated with the male race from the outset, and what woman isn’t! Dara’s situation with men makes her character more relatable to women these days.

You’re known predominantly as a musician, is acting something you are keen to do more of in the future?

Yes, music is my main passion, and I am in a band with my two sisters, called The Murphy Sisters and we love writing songs and performing as much as we can. I would definitely like to keep trying my hand at acting, as after this experience with The Randomers, I feel I have a lot more to give. Perhaps I will get a speaking part in a film someday! J

How did it feel to act in a feature film without dialogue? Was it difficult?

I am naturally talkative, a definite chatterbox so to take a part where my main confidence stream was taken away from me was pretty daunting, and I was very anxious before it all began.  However, I was so well prepped by the director Graham Jones,that it didn’t seem as difficult as I thought it would be from the outset. I quite liked the challenge of it all, and I bounced off Joe Lydon’s energy too. This role definitely took me out of my comfort zone, and I am so glad with the end result.


How has this experience affected your acting career, what do you hope to do next?

This experience has made me hungry for more acting opportunities! I feel now, if I continue to work extremely hard, and pursue as many acting auditions/jobs as I can, I can only grow from here. I would love to look into presenting and commercials and even if I never make an appearance in a commercial, I could perhaps write a catchy song for one! There’s always ways around it.

What makes The Randomers so special and why do you think people should watch it?

The Randomers is a special story about love ,that speaks volumes about relationships without having any dialogue at all. Its concept has never been dealt in this way before, and Graham captures love and beauty in the film in the smallest of things


This film shows that not everything is as it seems. Be willing to take a chance and you never know what might happen! People should see this film, as it is different, captivating and shows the West Coast at its best. It’s a unique and quirky love story that anyone can fall in love with.  Also any women that have been frustrated with men in the past can relate to the character Dara and see how her unusual approach to a relationship is working, and any men that have frustrated us girls can take some advice from the film!

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