Interview with Joseph Lydon (The Randomers)

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 11.34.39Joseph Lydon is an Irish actor known for his roles in Uncle Max and Mobs Mheiricea, The Randomers is his first feature film.

What drew you to the part in The Randomers?

Luck, and a chance to work with Graham Jones. He came up with this unique story that I had never seen before. I think when something special comes along like that you grab on very tight.  Also Graham told me that I would never see my family again if I didn’t sign up. I still have no idea where they are…..

What was it like acting a part without speaking, and how was it different to the kind of roles you’re used to?

I think any chance you get to try something new is exciting. I found myself talking to myself in my own head to help me interact with Sarah-Jane’s Characther Dara, asking her questions but without verbalising them. I’m pretty sure people thought I was crazy. Everyone knows what it’s like not to be able to say how they feel or what they feel. So I went into myself and kind of stayed there for awhile. Excuse my tangent but I think its related somehow….I loved hearing stories about Steve McQueen, how he would ask a writer of a particular film he was doing to write very little dialogue or remove masive chunks, so he could allow his ability and what he felt as an actor to tell the story. The same with Brando. Its all in the eyes and they can tell you everything. So to immerse myself in this guy who is confused, who is not really sure of who he is yet, and then he falls in love for the first time. He realises it’s ok to be Senan . The real person comes out and it’s because of her. I had to be honest with myself and root around in my own confusion I guess, so past all the really embarrassing hair styles and questionable fashion choices I think I found what I was looking for. I’ve been very lucky to play a weird and interesting bunch of characters. There all connected in some way but very different.

The love story in The Randomers is so well written and acted it doesn’t need words, was that difficult to achieve?

We were very luck having the skipper’s (Graham) guidance throughout, so from the start it was easy to settle in and really tell the story of Dara and Senan. Everyone involved had this great chemistry and  it doesn’t hurt having some of the nicest people around you either.


 How did the experience affect you as an actor?

It’s really hard to realise how much something affects you until you have had some clarity about it.

I remember waking up the day after we wrapped the movie and feeling really bummed out that I didn’t get to go to work with the guys on a daily basis anymore. It was one of them eating a tub of Ben & Jerrys, watching golden girls, sitting in my pajamas for weeks heartbreak. A project like this pushes you  and as an actor that’s what you need. Whatever happens because of that it is always for the better.

What makes The Randomers so special and why do you think people should watch it?

It’s a story about young love, a girl and a guy who fall in love without a single word. They go on an adventure with each other. Something anyone whoever has been in love can relate to. They’re exactly where they’re meant to be in their lives and whatever transpires brings them together. It’s a unique film by a very talented director. If you are looking  for a film that engages you and makes you feel something, then The Randomers is for you.

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