The ABC Award


I’m honoured to have been nominated for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award by fellow film fan MIB . Have a look at his site, there’s some awesome reviews there!

As aways there are rules to abide when accepting your nomination of this award, and these are as follows:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.

2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.

3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

So without further ado, here are my nominees:

Oracle of Film
My Mind Reels Through Film
Film Grimoire
Film Punk

Time to try and write 26 things about myself with the alphabet…this could be difficult! I figure people who read my blog regularly probably know quite a lot already as I’ve been known to post personal ramblings every now and then, but I will try and keep it interesting!

I am a huge animal lover and have been since I was tiny. I wanted to be a vet for a long time, then I did work experience at a vets and realised it was too icky and technical and I was crap at science.

My only sibling is my younger brother James who’s eighteen. Apparently we look alike but I’m not convinced.

I’m a huge fan of bright colours, especially when it comes to kitchenware and home accessories… It’s part of the reason I could happily spend a whole day in IKEA (that and the fact that the place is a bloody nightmare to get out of)

I am a much better person when I’m drunk and I suddenly become everyone’s best friend. I hug everyone, tell them I love them and that they’re a wonderful person and I’m generally just very happy. But damn the hangover is a bitch the next day!

That’s a good word

I get very nervous around things that flap. I can’t deal with birds up close and I’m terrified of moths and butterflies (although they’re nice to look at from a distance). Never take me to a butterfly house, or to anywhere that involves being close to flapping birds because I will scream.

Because of where I was brought up (Buckinghamshire and then Devon) and because of the way I was taught to speak I pronounce grass as gr’arse’ and often get picked on for being posh and told I talk wrong.

This is the first time in a while where I can honestly, hand on heart say I’m completely happy.

I went to Italy last year to Udine Far East Film Festival as press and will be doing the same again this year in April, very much looking forward to it!

I don’t really have an idea what I want to do when I graduate uni and I’m pretty sure my ideal job doesn’t really exist, but I’m working on figuring out what that actually is.

Possibly the best cider in existence, and one of my favourite drinks

L-Lemon Chicken
Screw having a Chinese takeaway if there’s no lemon chicken…one of the best things in the world.

I am a little bit in love with Miranda, the show has me in stitches and I’m going to see her stand up show in April which I can’t wait for!

For my sixth form leavers do we had to come dressed as something that begins with the same letter as our first name. I couldn’t think of anything, despite having essentially two first letters to choose from (either T or N) but ended up going as Noddy.

The name of my four legged brother.

I’ve been painting properly since I was about 12/13 years old when I went to lessons once a week taught by a local artist. I usually paint animals and dabble with both oil and acrylic depending on how I feel at the time. The most I’ve sold a painting for is £50, but usually I give them away as gifts.

Q-Qentin Tarantino
I bloody hate the bloke. I’ve avoided most of his films purely because I can’t stand him (Django is brilliant though,  to be fair). Watching him in interviews, even just seeing his stupid face in photos, makes my skin crawl. I don’t like assholes, and he is one.

R-Robert Downey Jr
Need I say more? 😉

I went through the phase that I believe a lot of teenage girls go through; I self harmed. I still have a few scars on my wrists (not the underside, for reasons you will learn about when you get to ‘W’). I was bullied a lot throughout school and went through a rough patch. No biggie, I came out of it just fine without needing help.

One in 1000 babies are born with a congenital hearing loss resulting in tinnitus and I just had to be one of those. It’s a pain, but I live.

I kid you not, The Baseballs’ cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella came on literally as I clicked here. Which is a good thing really because I couldn’t think of another one for ‘U’!

Aren’t these things just amazing?

I appreciate how odd this is so bear with me; I can’t touch the underside of my know the bit with all the veins. I can’t put any pressure on it with my fingers because ever since I learned about arteries and how if you slit your wrist blood will go everywhere it’s always icked me out too much.

Xylophone is the word I always use in alphabet games when I can’t think of anything beginning with ‘x’.

The ideal tool for hours of procrastination…I spend way too much time watching silly Youtube videos.

I have a lot of dreams about zombies, in most of them I get bitten. The latest one involved me, a friend and my dog in a car surrounded by zombies, the dog turned and I had to snap his neck I Am Legend style but he bit my thumb. I woke up feeling like I wanted to cry it was horrible!




6 thoughts on “The ABC Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination. It means a lot. Congratulations on the award and it’s always a pleasure to read your blog. On the happy scale, it’s definitely in the Harmer Drunk on Kopparberg region.


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