About Time

About Time trailer - videoFrom the director of Love Actually comes another beautiful but very slow-paced romance very similar to The Time Traveler’s Wife, and it even stars Rachel McAdams as the wife of the time traveler; deja vu much?

When he turns 21, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) learns a family secret; all the men in the family have the ability to travel in time. With the ability to go back and forth throughout his life Tim decides he wants to find himself a girlfriend, which turns out to be a more difficult task than he first thought.zz040913movie-1-5845781

About Time is a charming and funny film with a brilliant cast. It does at times feel slightly long winded to the point of almost being boring, but the performances and the poetic style of the film, alongside some subtle but very clever moments of humour just about prevent the film from being a snooze-fest.

Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams seem at first to be an odd pairing for a romance, but their on screen chemistry is brilliant and they are brilliantly well cast alongside each other. McAdams may have been a slightly unimaginative casting choice article-2412880-1BA2DEF6000005DC-622_638x337considering her previous and very similar role as Clare in The Time Traveler’s Wife but as they say; stick to what you know, and McAdams does a fantastic job. Bill Nighy plays Tim’s dad, who has the job of breaking the news of the family secret to his disbelieving son. Nighy is brilliant as always, despite seeming to play the same part in most of his films; he adds an air of comedy without needing scripted jokes and slapstick gags which is not only refreshing, but maintains the slow, poetic pace.

About Time is not-so-surprisingly, considering it comes from the director of Love Actually, a very deep film, each article-2409739-1B9893BD000005DC-339_640x469character has their own story going on and it has a brilliant balance of comedy, romance and at times sadness; tissues might even be needed. It’s the perfect kind of film for a quiet night in, and is sure to be an uplifting, easy watch.

14 thoughts on “About Time

    1. Yeah I enjoyed time travelers wife, not read the book yet…it’s on my shelf waiting!
      This was enjoyable though, not quite as good as time travelers wife though I didn’t think, worth a watch though 🙂


  1. I just watched this movie the other day. I think it’s one of the better films to come out recently. It’s involving and you care about the characters. There are a couple of unique twists on the TIme thing and it really makes you what you yourself would do with such a gift/power. I envied the characters relationship with his father because my own father/son relationship was so negative – so everybody will see something different here. Recommended.


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