What’s Your Number?

f6hIlAnna Farris may have one of the world’s most irritating voices but she certainly knows how to make us laugh. What’s Your Number is your typical rom-com that’s continuing the Bridesmaids trend of realistic, funny female protagonists who aren’t ashamed of their sexuality. Finally, women in film are being represented realistically!

Ally (Farris) is looking back over her past nineteen conquests and in her desperation not to step over the 20 mark, she decides to get in touch with all her exes in the hopes that one of them might be the one. film-review-whats-your-number-002

What’s Your Number is funny, corny, predictable and everything you want from a rom-com. It’s not too mushy and lovey-dovey and there is definitely no shortage of eye candy. Anna Farris does a brilliant job with comedy and although she is very much a one trick pony and plays the same character in every film she’s in, she works in this kind of role so well the typecasting can be forgiven.

2011 seemed to see a surge of new female-centric comedies in which the women were allowed to let loose, be funny and embrace their sexuality and no longer have to conform to the ladylike stereotype. Tina Fey and the Bridesmaids cast were the what's_your_numberstandout break-throughs in this surge and What’s Your Number is definitely another, albeit lesser known and probably slightly under-watched, film that attempts to change the way women are represented. Ally has a list of 19 conquests but we’re encouraged to like and respect her and not label her a slut and turn our noses up. As trivial as that may sound, it is a refreshing change to the stereotypical norm.

What’s Your Number is a fun little film and while it doesn’t have much else going for it (neither the performances whats-your-number-movie-imagenor the filmmaking particularly stand out) it’s certainly entertaining and one that a lot of people, men and women alike can enjoy. The script is well written with a lot of snort-worthy lines and Anna Farris is hilarious as always. One worth watching if you like romantic comedies and chick flicks, but What’s Your Number is nothing outstanding.

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