The longer the trailer, the worse the film?


A trailer is a key component of any film; it’s what advertises the movie and grabs people’s attention. For most people, a trailer needs to do just two main things – tell them whether it’s their sort of film, and inform them when it will be released. It doesn’t require three minutes of footage, giving away pretty much the entire plot, for people to work out whether or not a film is for them. So why are so many trailers these days so ridiculously long?…

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5 thoughts on “The longer the trailer, the worse the film?

  1. You say nowadays they are bad but they have always been about the same length and filled with spoilers. You go on YouTube and search the trailer for your favourite film from the 80’s or 90’s and tell me I am wrong 😀


  2. I get really mad when the trailer gives away too much. In fact, I usually don’t even read the summaries printed on the back of books because I hate having the plot given away too soon.


  3. I usually avoid the trailers entirely. A trailer can make a bad movie seem good and a good movie appear bad. I’d rather read the imdb descriptions and reviews about the movie.


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