The Lodge

almsloob-0a83f868b0A young couple heads to a secluded lodge to spend the weekend getting high and having sex. You all know what’s coming next; the caretaker turns out to be a bit sadistic and things take a murderous turn. Not the most original concept in the world.

The Lodge is a typical low budget horror/thriller, and is the directorial debut of Brad Helmink and John Rauschelbach who obviously wanted to play it safe. The Lodge isn’t an awful film, but its slow pace and unimaginative storyline renders it completely average.

Despite its low budget the film is quite nicely shot, making use of the stunning surroundings and the lodge itself. It’s relatively nice to look at but it seems more attention has been paid to getting nice shots than actually developing any tension, not to mention a decent story. The acting is distinctly average too, it’s not terrible but it’s not something to bn1437_dssffsshout about either. Somewhat thoughtlessly considering the amount of actors in the world, the directors picked two men who looked very similar. Their hair cuts are almost exactly the same, so in the dark sometimes it’s difficult to tell who’s who.

With only four characters the film struggles not to be boring and dull. Surprisingly it does manage, and is a reasonably enjoyable film. It’s a slow starter, and the action is only just worth the wait (albeit a little bit disappointing). Brad Helmink and John Rauschelbach try their hardest to come up with a decent twist in the story concerning a weird little girl who’s like a cross between Hanna and Oliver Twist. At times they can’t seem to decide if it’s a slasher or a ghost film, the little girl seems to have one foot in the afterlife despite the fact that she’s not meant to be maxresdefaultdead at all and this genre confusion leaves you wishing it was a haunted house story when the film reaches its disappointing conclusion.

The Lodge is an OK film, one that’s worth a watch if you somehow stumble across it and it’s either free or very cheap. It’s certainly not a film you should be rushing to see, there’s a reason that it still isn’t well known five years after its release.


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