The Big Wedding

The-Big-Wedding-11If you’re looking for corny fun, look no further! The Big Wedding is everything you could want from a romantic comedy/drama and it boasts a stellar cast with Susan Sarandon, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton at the helm.

A long-divorced couple has to fake being married at their adopted sons wedding because his birth-mother has a staunch view of marriage and divorce.

The Big Wedding isn’t as predictable as it sounds and actually provides some tasteful, classy fun and a few laughs. Diane Keaton does a brilliant job of playing the leading lady and the cast is brilliantly chosen. Unlike many rom-com’s The Big Wedding keeps it fairly real with relatable characters and a not too over-the-top storyline. ‘Old’ the_big_weddingacting greats De NiroSarandon and Keaton do a great job of leading the film and are the source of most of the humour, this focus on the older characters is unfortunately quite unusual (although it seems to be coming into fashion!)

Despite having the potential to be laugh out loud funny considering the cast, The Big Wedding is disappointingly dry. Aside from a few awkward sex scenes, some predictable moments of almost slapstick humour, the film lacks the intelligent, witty scriptwriting that one would hope for in a big-budget, star studded production. Although the storyline keeps it real THE BIG WEDDING-FILM REVIEWand the characters are likeable, the lack of humour makes it almost lacklustre, and Robin Williams’ dwindling abilities in comedy are far too prevalent in his portrayal of the boring, bumbling vicar who pops up a few times during the film and does very little else.

The Big Wedding is the kind of fun comedy drama that you can put on when it’s horrible outside and have a bit of fun with. It’s not the best by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a bit of a laugh if nothing else. The big budget means that it’s quite nice to look at, the colours are warm and the camerawork is well done, it’s easy on the eye, predictable and easy to digest. It falls short of the mark somewhat and fails to make full use of the brilliant cast who are left with a less-than-hysterical script and a predictable, unadventurous storyline. It’s definitely worth a watch, but don’t expect too much.

3 thoughts on “The Big Wedding

  1. Interesting review. This is disappointing to hear, I thought this film looked at best interesting, the only reason I was gonna see it was to check out what Robin Williams is up to these days, but if he ain’t working then I can’t really say I’ll be bothered.


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