Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo

Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo

I’ve finally put Once Bitten, Twice Shy public on Vimeo for you all to see! I hope you enjoy it. 
For various reasons I’m not planning to enter any festivals with this film, largely because through extensive research (by extensive, I mean I googled it a few times) I’ve learned that the best publicity for a film and/or filmmaker is through posting films online; more people see it that way. I also found that festivals are bloody expensive to enter! 
So please check out the film, leave a comment, share it etc etc, all the publicity is very much appreciated! 

10 thoughts on “Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy on Vimeo

  1. Yay! Good stuff. Well shot, god acting and confident direction, with some nice smooth editing too. Would like to have heard the dialogue a little more clearly and I must confess I didn’t get the ambiguous ending but overall a good effort.

    Well done Natasha! 🙂


  2. Amazing job! I just saw the video on Hard Ticket To home Video and came over to compliment you for your hard work. It’s paid off, the movie is great. Keep ’em coming! 🙂


  3. Nicely done; easy to follow and well-acted. I also liked the artistic “footprints” you left on the film, something I’m sure you’ll continue to experiment with as you develop your directorial style and make each scene your own. Looking forward to seeing more of your future films!


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