ferocious02Robert Cuffley clearly has a knack for fast paced thrillers, with Ferocious delivering a taut and tense atmosphere and top notch performances from a small but talented cast.

Leigh Parrish (Amanda Crew), a small-town girl who’s made it as an actress has to take drastic measures to protect her reputation when her less-than-clean past threatens to resurface and ruin her good girl image.

Ferocious is a relatively small independent film with a tiny cast. The majority of the action takes place in one small but very well designed location; a sleazy club. The claustrophobic feeling of this1297386973188_ORIGINAL small, tight story aids the incredibly tense atmosphere that at times verges on scary. Although the plot is quite convoluted and the story feels like it has a few holes, the action and brilliant performances of the cast more than make up for it. The club set is so well dressed and lit that you can’t help but feel completely sucked into the action and Kim Coates’ fantastic and very creepy performance as sociopathic twins Maurice and Sal is so believable that his sleaziness is almost uncomfortable to watch, allowing for maximum thrills.

It’s one of those films that people will either love or hate. It has that independent feel about it; it’s not polished like a Hollywood blockbuster. The editing style is perhaps a bit jarring at times, with unconventional cuts throughout that will confuse viewers that aren’t 602415_368174219934251_1248972082_npaying the film full attention. This slightly more experimental approach could easily come across as pretentious but in this case works quite nicely.

The cast deliver strong, well rounded performances. Kim Coates does a fantastic job of portraying the crazy twins while Amanda Crew delivers a strong but sometimes irritating performance where she doesn’t quite meet expectations as the strong, ballsy female lead; she’s neither bad nor particularly good, but she’s hugely forgettable. 488369_354254571326216_1806742196_n

Ferocious is a decent, taut little thriller that’s unlikely to make much of a splash among film fans, but it’d be a shame to let it slip under the radar completely. It’s gritty, dark and action packed, it has everything you could want from a thriller without the cheesy Hollywood glean. Cuffley has developed a distinct style and a knack for creating enjoyable little films that thrill and entertain. Well worth a watch.

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