My View on Video Games and Violence


Disclaimer: I don’t care if anyone’s offended by this article, I really don’t. I’m offended that a game I’ve always enjoyed is being blamed for violence so, suck on that!

GTA 5 (or ‘V’ if you understand roman numerals, which I do not) was released on the 17th and of course the PC brigade have been bleating ever since about GTA encouraging violence. These are the kind of people my Dad would call papoose wearers (if you don’t know what a papoose wearer is, it’s someone who carries their baby in what looks like a backpack but on their front..well actually I think you can have them on your front or your back depending on your preference). We were at a zoo once looking into a cage of owls who’d just been fed. One of the owls was contentedly scoffing down its dinner, you know those limp, lifeless yellow chicks that they feed them, when one man who might as well have had three papooses and a pair of Hush Puppies under cord trousers and a frumpy plaid shirt exclaimed ‘Oh my god, it’s eating its own chicks! Should I find someone and tell them?!’. That’s the kind of person we’re dealing with here. House husbands with very little masculinity left. Come on, stop getting offended, you know it’s true.

When a kid killed his grandmother, it was GTA at fault. Not the obvious undiagnosed mental illnesses that his parents gta_v-12neglected to get checked, nor the fact that he was able to get his little mitts on a weapon capable of murdering a fully grown human. No, none of that was at fault. Just the game. That nasty, horrible, violent game that’s rated 18+ and shouldn’t be given to children anyway. I say this as someone who practically grew up on GTA, I was playing it on the PC when I wasn’t even in double digits, using all the cheats and flying around on a jet pack wearing a gimp suit laughing at all the prostitutes waving dildos from the ground below, and I’ve never murdered anyone. My parents are great parents, I think I turned out pretty well and funnily enough the worst, most nasty individuals I’ve encountered weren’t the ones playing violent games and watching horror movies but were the ones with the jobless parents on benefits that smoked over their pushchairs and started drinking at 7am each morning, not to mention their parents were probably on partner number 5 by the time the kid reached 10.

GTA_V_13734068223284Video games DO cause violence. It’s naive to believe that they are the root cause of violence but it’s equally naive to adamantly argue that they have no impact at all. In the instance of kids playing the game and then reenacting what they’ve seen on screen on their grandmother, there’s something deeply wrong with the child already. The game may trigger something or give them ideas but to play GTA and then assume it’s OK to do it in real life is a sign of a seriously troubled kid. As someone that played these games as a kid I can safely say that you’re an idiot if you think every child that plays it will become a murderer; I didn’t, nor did my brother who’s two years younger than me. The same thing stands with adults, sure games and films can trigger things or give them ideas, and yeah GTA might be the reason why they went out and shot five people but there’s always some deeper 17712_screen_grand_theft_auto_v_6reason too. If there wasn’t something wrong with the person and it really was just GTA’s fault then everyone that played GTA would be banged up in jail. The difference is, responsible people that don’t have undiagnosed mental issues can tell the difference between what’s acceptable in a game and what’s acceptable in real life.

If the majority of the population can play violent games and watch horror movies and refrain from reenacting the violence in the real world, then there’s no excuse for the minority of nutters that do. Why are we always so preoccupied with placing the blame when really we all need to just grow up and accept that sometimes horrible things do happen and some people in this world are just out and out horrible. Those gta-5-31kids that killed baby James Bulger in 1993 didn’t do it because they watched video nasties they did it because they were vile little scrotes with some kind of severe mental illness. Alas I guess it was just easier to blame Chucky rather than come to terms with the idea that there are people, kids included, in this world that are just plain vile.

I bought my brother GTA 5 for his 18th birthday, which is today. He’s been glued to the Xbox all day and as yet I haven’t had a phone call from the police to say my parents have been stabbed. Let’s all just stop placing the blame, because placing blame on a video game or movie detracts out attention from the vile, inhuman piece of shit that murdered -insert name here- and instead forces our anger in Rockstar games’ direction. We need to get our priorities straight and be angry at the people that murder, rape and abuse rather than get angry at what may or may not have caused them to do it. gta-5-66

And here’s the news story of the 8 year old killing his grandmother by the way. Which also points out my issue with the whole thing; that the most talked about part of the story is the video game and not the fact that an 8 year old MURDERED HIS GRANDMOTHER

Oh yeah and he shot her ‘in his trailer park home’…just about sums it up. Oh and also, they’re blaming GTA V (because this happened a month or so before its release) but the kid actually was playing GTA IV so it’s not even GTA V that’s to blame for that one.

27 thoughts on “My View on Video Games and Violence

  1. I have to say ever since I played Super Mario I find myself indiscriminately jumping on mushrooms. It never occurred to me to do that before playing that game…


      1. Natasha, can I play Devil’s Advocate and ask if your stance also extends to the blame horror films receive for violent crimes, and porn films for those who claim they lead to rape? Ta.


      2. Yeah of course, I mention horror films in this post and as for porn, well…I try not to look too much into that and don’t really have an opinion…but it takes more than just watching a violent porno to become a rapist.
        I’m a huge horror fan, so my stance on horror goes without saying!


      3. Thanks! I’m old enough to remember the hysteria of the 80’s when video nasties were the cause of all the ills of the world according to the media. And later it was heavy metal lyrics played backwards…


      4. I still have a copy of The Sun from 1993 with all the crap about ‘video nasties’ like Childsplay being the cause of the Jamie Bulger murder, it’s sad really…that they feel the need to blame something when it really is as simple as some people are just vile!


      5. That gunman at the US navy base was also said to have been driven to murder after playing violent games non-stop. The problem surely isn’t the games but the fact he was playing them non-stop!


      6. Yeah, that and the fact that there’s obviously something a lot more wrong with them than simply playing the game. I hadn’t heard that story but it sounds like he might have been addicted, which would explain a lot about his mental state! Some people with ulterior motives use violent games as ‘practice’ for real life murder and violence but again, they clearly have something wrong with them.
        To blame forms of entertainment for people’s actions is pretty much a way of saying that people aren’t responsible for their behaviour. There’s lots of theories about hyperreality and how people are struggling more and more to tell the difference between representation and reality, I guess media desensitisation does play a big part in it but I believe people are always responsible for their own actions and there’s no excuse at all.


      7. Are you familiar with the Judas Priest “Subliminal Messaging” case? In the 80’s two US teens played Priest albums all night long, especially the track “Better By You Better Than Me”, then went out and shot themselves; one died instantly, the other three years later. When the parents later found the album on the turntable, they decided to play it backwards (!) and decided there was a subliminal message urging them to “do it”, allegedly meaning suicide. The band were taken to court where it emerged the boys had been drinking and doing drugs so Priest were acquitted.

        Aside from the fact that the parents should have checked on in the kids for playing the same song over and over, who the hell thinks to play a record backwards to find a clue as to why their doped up, drunk kids – with access to a shotgun – shot themselves?

        Some people….. *shakes head


      8. I did hear about that a while back, such a bizarre case! I would never even think to play a record backwards, it’s so weird that that was their first port of call!
        The fact they were able to drink and take drugs under the same roof as their parents is a mystery too…you’d think the parents would’ve cottoned on before it was too late. Can’t believe they even got as far as taking the band to court


  2. I agree. Violent games are just an easy answer rather than looking for an actual root of the problem. I do think that age-restricted games should be enforced better (it is far too easy for underage kids to go out and purchase GTA), but it’s not the entire problem.


    1. Yeah, society seems to always want the easy’s the same with everything that’s wrong in the world…they’re always pointing their blame and their anger in the wrong direction but I spose getting problems at their root is difficult!
      Maybe age restrictions should be enforced more but kids will find a way, rules are made to be broken and all that…my parents let me and my brother play it when we were kids, and I challenge anyone to argue that they’re bad parents for it!!!


  3. I loved this article. This really is an issue – people have to find something else to blame for the horrible things people do, and first and foremost games, music and movies get attacked. While they have influence, they are not the sole cause of anything that happens. As you say, they have that in them anyhow. I feel the same way about people hating on and blaming heavier music for kids/people/idiots doing stupid things.


  4. Great blog post yo. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with this. Video game violence is something that has and still is something that the media tends to mess up and misinterpret. Placing the blame is a difficult thing because the circumstances are different each time.

    Now I’m a dude who grew up with watching films and playing games before I was old enough. Back in the 90s Mortal Kombat causes a load of controversy, I played it a lot, and I never turned into no murderer. Point is depending the individual, games can have different results on different people. I still think parents have a hand in this stuff because they continue to ignore the age ratings for these games and then complain when they see stuff unfit for their kids. Pure foolishness.

    But anyways video games and films, when handled by the right people can be enjoyable forms of entertainment and shouldn’t be ruined by those terrible individuals who kill and injure.


  5. Great article! I totally agree. I’ve seen a ton of horror films and I never went out to kill anyone. Why can’t the media see it’s the people that are the problem, not the games, movies, or songs?


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