Blogging Motivation has Left the Building

I just wanted to post very quickly to explain and, well, apologise. My blog is looking very neglected at the minute!

To say I didn’t have time to blog would be a lie; I always find time for everything…just like I’m sat here having just got out the shower, I need to get ready for work (need to leave in an hour) and yet I’m blogging. Time is never an issue for me really, I guess I’m a good time keeper! So the negligence of my blog is literally because I’ve just lost motivation.

I haven’t watched many new films lately, the films I’ve been watching lately are horrors I’ve seen time and time again and reviewed in the past. I’ve also got Sons of Anarchy which started again a couple of weeks ago and have just finished the underrated 1 season TV series Emily Owens M.D. Films on the other hand, have been a no go. Oh, wait, I did watch Rogue and then never got round to reviewing it. Oh, well maybe I’ll review that soon then!

I’ve started my new job as student ambassador at the uni, which pays well and so far is pretty good fun. My shift today is 8-4, hence why I’m blogging so early! After that I have to rush to the market to get some food shopping because I’m almost out of, well, everything and the market’s shut on a Sunday. Busy day but I will endeavour to review Rogue later and I’m also watching a film either tonight or tomorrow which I will also review. I’ll be back on track soon I promise!

My uni course hasn’t started again yet, that starts on the 30th, but I’ve had some work to do and I had a nightmare of a time enrolling for this year. But all that’s sorted now and I’ve chosen my modules (Documentary production and short film production) so now all I have to do is wait and look forward to the year ahead.

It’s a month of milestones for my family, my brother turns 18 tomorrow and my Dad turns 50 the following Sunday. I kind of wish I could go back home for the week but alas, it’s way to expensive to get the train home from Coventry so I’ll just have to phone.

So that’s my apology/explanation for my neglected blog! I’ve written a few things for Screen Robot but that’s about it, I’ve been so busy being secretary for the East Asian film society and getting used to my new job that when I have an hour or so to myself the last thing on my mind is my blog. Apologies again, I will be back soon with some more reviews!

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