My Top 10 Media Men ;)

It’s time for one of those shallow posts that has no meaning and is just an excuse to write a list and post some pictures. Everyone’s all over Channing Tatum at the minute and the other pretty boys that everyone seems to love but not me. Blessed with a mind of my own I have my own list of who I think are the most attractive men in the media and I need an excuse for a bit of pathetic fun so here goes!

robert-downey-jr-6a1. Robert Downey Jr

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that knows me. Usually it’s one of the first things people learn about me when we first meet. What’s there to say? His charisma, his sense of humour just…everything, is perfect. That and he’s drop dead gorgeous of course. There’s just something about him that not many people have, I reckon he could walk into any room and make it go silent without having to do anything.

tumblr_mr9otg44LS1r33omno1_5002. Max from Catfish: The TV Show

Anyone familiar with the film Catfish will know the story and will probably know Nev, the presenter of the TV show (who is also rather gorgeous). Max is his ‘filmmaker buddy’ and he helps create the TV show, which basically sets out to help people in online relationships meet the person they’re in love with and make sure they’re the real deal. I often get very distracted staring at Max throughout the TV show (which is one of my favourite shows). That silver hair…

946317_604958349534564_198646453_n3. Joe Manganiello

His surname might be a nightmare to spell but his looks more than make up for it. Known as playing the ripped Alcide, werewolf friend of Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood, Joe Manganiello is gorgeous beyond words, especially with short hair (in my opinion!)

19-rosen-robin-thicke4. Robin Thicke

His music video might have caused outrage for being ‘sexist’ but there’s no denying that Robin Thicke is hot. I was too mesmerised by his beautiful eyes all the way through the Blurred Lines video to even take any notice of the naked women dancing around him. It’s all about the charisma, and this guy really knows how to carry himself! And who doesn’t love a man that looks good in a suit and sunglasses?

hugh-jackman-the-wolverine5. Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine never used to be my cup of tea, but Hugh Jackman parading around semi naked throughout the entire film swung it for me. It’s those sideburns and the cute flicked up hair that does it.

Kim-Coates-02-600x4346. Kim Coates

Don’t judge me. I may have weird taste in men but I’m not afraid to admit it. There’s something about Kim Coates, particularly as Tig in Sons of Anarchy, that I find incredibly attractive. I guess it might be charisma again! Damn, charisma has a lot to answer for.

7.ย Stephen Moyerimage

I fell in love with Stephen Moyer the moment I started watching True Blood. I loved the character of Bill from reading the books and the same was true of the show, and it helps that Moyer is incredibly handsome too ๐Ÿ˜‰ He did start to piss me off from about season 4 of True Blood onwards but nevertheless I can appreciate his good looks. Before it went to pot his fake Southern American accent was pretty dreamy too.

alexander-skarsgard-image8.ย Alexander Skarsgardย 

Again this is through my love of True Blood, as soon as he cut his stupid long hair off I was smitten. Again it’s that damn charisma, even when he’s not playing sexy Viking vampire Eric there’s something about the way he talks that’s really attractive.

9.ย Daniel Craigย 2

I never saw the Daniel Craig thing when he first became James Bond, I don’t like too much muscle and his bulky build squeezed into those little blue speedos was more grotesque than attractive to me. But seeing him in Enduring Love, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Layer Cake (oh my god I love that film!), Dream House and many other not-007-related films completely changed my opinion.

timmcgraw13_h10. Tim McGraw

There’s something about men with southern American accents that sing, wear cowboy hats and tight jeans and can play the guitar that gets me hot under the collar, and Tim McGraw is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen.

Honourable Mention: Jon Hamm. Mmm…hamm

16 thoughts on “My Top 10 Media Men ;)

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, just find it funny that they pretend he’s critical to filming the show when its obvious he’s just there for Nev to talk to. Oh shit I think I’ve watched too much Catfish!


      2. Nah he’s a documentary filmmaker, I think he does play quite a big part in making it..although I remember them saying that MTV made them have a big crew and kind of snatched most of the jobs re shooting the show.
        haha snap I’ve watched every episode and am eagerly waiting for Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ that show is easily my biggest guilty pleasure!


    1. I’m not bisexual hahaha so my list of top 10 women would be biased and probably not based on how attractive they are ๐Ÿ˜› but I do like Mila Kunis, so she would probably feature


  1. Interesting list, I have to say I have major man crushes on RDJ and Hugh Jackman, they’re amazing and beautiful men and this is coming from a guy here. I’m not afraid to admit it haha. Oh and yeah I love Daniel Craig, he’s made a great Bond in the last few years but he’s also been great a other films too.


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