possession-of-emma-evans-exorcismus-on-demand_10Aren’t we all completely fed up of exorcism horror movies by now? What more can they possibly bring to the table? A young woman gets possessed by an evil spirit in some bizarre innuendo-like fashion because women are weak, feeble and helpless. With the age-old moral that sex is wrong if you’re a woman (come on, what part of a ‘demon’ being inside a young woman isn’t a sex reference?!) and it makes you evil and crazy and dirty in the eyes of the Lord until a brave God fearing man comes and saves the damsel in distress.

When Emma (Sophie Vavasseur) decides it’d be a good idea to sacrifice her soul to the devil, it takes a huge toll on her family who then spend a lot of time deliberating whether or not she’s possessed or whether she’s just mental. When Emma levitates on the kitchen floor they realise it’s time to do something and call in Emma’s uncle, who is conveniently a vicar, to do an exorcism and have to agree to let him film the whole process. exorcismus_thumbWithout wanting to give too much away lest you decide to watch this for yourselves, the vicar turns out to be a conniving dick.

Exorcismus is merely yet another exorcism film. It has all the cliche’s we’ve come to know and, mostly, loathe. Despite being in English with cast from various places in the UK it’s actually a Spanish film. Unfortunately the exorcism plot may have been more believable had it not been set in England where this kind of thing pretty much doesn’t happen. It feels completely out of context and should have been cast with Spanish actors. From the producers of REC, a brilliant found-footage horror, you’d be forgiven for expecting an amazing, terrifying horror film but sadly Exorcismus does not deliver.

Credit where it’s due it’s not a terrible film and is by no means particularly worse than any other exorcism horror movies out exorcismus_shot_22there. Sophie Vavasseur does a pretty good job as the troubled protagonist Emma and the acting is reasonable all round. The film has a gritty ‘real’ feel to it which is always good and has that look of an independent film with its rustic camera movement and its unpolished, raw atmosphere. This style works in its favour but it seems not only a shame but completely confusing that a Spanish film is in English with English actors. There’s not much to say about the storyline, surprisingly very little happens and Emma’s backstory is tenuous at best. Is it believable that she’s troubled enough to sacrifice her soul to the devil? No. She’s part of a decent family with parents that care (albeit they are a bit pushy) and a cute little brother whom she adores, not to mention they’re pretty affluent with a nice, big house. The idea that she wants freedom from pushy parents who insist she be home-schooled isn’t unrealistic however the lengths she goes

'THIS IS SPARTA!' ...wait, wrong film..
‘THIS IS SPARTA!’ …wait, wrong film..

to are. Her reason for becoming possessed just doesn’t feel tangible or realistic.

Please stop with the exorcism horror films, it’s been done to death and barely anyone is religious enough to believe in possession and exorcisms any more. The stories are always the same, the casting is always pretty much the same and they are so predictable. Exorcismus is just another exorcism horror film, nothing more. It’s not bad, but it most certainly isn’t good.

6 thoughts on “Exorcismus

  1. I am so tired of these films. They bring nothing new or inventive to the genre. They should just stop. I was a bit surprised by the film’s lead actress, though, but she couldn’t carry this mess by herself. Despite some ok mood and atmosphere the film was a big fail for me. Good review!


    1. Yeah agreed, it’s one of the few horror sub genres that’s completely worn out now…most of the others can be pulled off even when they’ve been done a million times before.
      The lead actress definitely has potential and did well in her role but like you say, it wasn’t enough to carry the whole film unfortunately. Definitely a bit of a fail!!


      1. Good points! I think the problem may lie in the expectations of these exorcism flicks in that we pretty much know what to expect. No matter how hard they try in changing things up (IE- found footage crossed with a possession story) we almost always know what is going to happen. Too bad, too, because at one point these movies were quite scary when they weren’t so abundant.


  2. Hollywood believes in doing everything over and over again. I suppose they figure it made money once, so whatever else they pump out along the same lines will also make money. Not necessarily true, but obviously they believe it. Sometimes they even make a good movie though I’m sure quality was never the issue for them.


    1. They do,but Hollywood is all about the money…I favour independent film, British film and world cinema over Hollywood because they tend to be more interested in the quality and a decent story.
      Exorcismus isn’t a Hollywood film, I always thought the Spanish had better taste…they seem to make really good, tasteful, good quality horror films but this one was a let down 😦 good job it was only about £2 to buy otherwise I’d feel really cheated!!


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