Monsters University

maxresdefaultTwelve years after Monsters Inc comes the hilarious prequel that tells the story of how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) met. Mike meets Sulley at Monsters University, where he’s studying for his dream job; to be a scarer.

Monsters University is everything you could expect from a Pixar prequel. It’s gorgeously animated and full of bright, fun colours ideal for the whole family. It’s great fun and hilarious with the token winks-and-nudges to the adult audience in the form of subtle innuendos. It has all the charm of the first film, possibly a little more, and makes the twelve year wait worthMonsters University-1679294 it.

The voice cast is perfectly chosen with actors Billy Crystal and John Goodman returning to voice iconic Pixar characters Mike and Sulley. Additional cast members are top notch, including Helen Mirren and Steve Buscemi. It’s clear through the voices that the actors were having great fun working on the film and it exudes happiness and fun.

Monsters University reminds us why Pixar is one of the biggest and best animated film studio. They’re masters in CG animation and Monsters University is the perfect example. The bright colours and sheer monsters-inc_2imagination opens up this whole other world that audiences; kids and adults alike, can get completely absorbed by. It’s the epitome of a great animated family film that will have you laughing from start to finish.

The soundtrack is brilliantly thought out and suits the film to a T, it sounds as good as it looks. With such a huge studio it’s no wonder everything about the film is spot on. They have the money to make something great and no expense has been spared with Monsters University. Despite being 12 years old, Monsters Inc has aged brilliantly, and Monsters University serves to remind us of the great film released MONSTERS UNIVERSITYyears ago. The decision to make a prequel instead of a sequel was a very clever one, the film will leave you wanting to watch the original again with your new-found knowledge of the characters’ back stories.

A brilliant animated family comedy Monsters University is one not to be missed.

3 thoughts on “Monsters University

  1. I got a big kick out of this film. Looked terrific, absolutely hilarious, and had a great story.

    I saw someone criticizing it a little while ago because they thought it taught the wrong lesson to kids because “Mike had to settle for less than he wanted.” Can you believe that? I thought the film presented a great lesson to kids. By the end of the film, Mike was on a professional scare team, just like he wanted. He just had to work for it. That’s a terrific lesson for kids: “If at first you don’t succeed, try again; you may have to work harder, but you can still get there.”


    1. Was that criticism for real?! You can’t go teaching kids that even if you’re not suitable for a job you’ll get it anyway…because life doesn’t work like that so to be fair, it had a great message because he still got a good job and he worked really hard. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard haha I thought it was great! And definitely looked good and was hilarious too, it’s made me want to re-watch the original film 😀


  2. Cracking review yo, I’d say we’re almost on the same page about this film. I found myself enjoying this film a lot and I thought it was a HELL of a lot better than Brave. This film while still not on the high end of Pixar films, is definitely an improvement over their last 2 films and it shows that the studio still have talent for creating good family films.

    Loads of people have hated on this film because it wasn’t as good as the original, I was never that big on the first film and I think this prequel does well to reintroduce us to this world and gives us characters and situations that weren’t show to us before.


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