A Hectic Few Days

Sorry for not posting anything on here since the end of August, it feels like an age and I hate not posting on my blog regularly. I haven’t, in truth, watched any new films and at the moment I don’t have anything to write about, but I will get back on track shortly I’m sure.

On Sunday 1st of September I moved back to Coventry into my new house for the second year of uni, straight after that I had two days training for my new job as a student ambassador from 9 till 5 both Monday and Tuesday. Today is the first day I’ve had completely to myself in the new house and it’s been a productive one. Unfortunately I woke up with a horribly sore throat and I have what appears to be a cold coming, I’ve been feeling gradually crappier as the day’s gone on which is no fun.

Part of my huge new room...in a bit of a mess from just moving in
Part of my huge new room…in a bit of a mess from just moving in

So, the house! After a not-so-great year last year with housemates that I wouldn’t choose to live with had I been given the option, I’ve been looking forward to moving into this new place for months. I have just 6 housemates which is a huge down-step from last year’s 35 and I get on with all of them which is a plus! I walked in and spent about ten minutes wandering around, adamant that this was not the house we looked at. It looks totally different to how I remember. I remember it being lovely, clean, well furnished and I can remember being shocked that we, a group of students, could afford it. It’s a little bit grotty it turns out. The kitchen is about the only part of the house that’s been recently re-done, the rest is a little outdated and some parts are, in all honesty, pretty gross. That being said it’s an OK house, it’s what you’d expect from all-bills-included student accommodation. On the plus side though my room is HUGE, I mean, it’s average living room size. It’s at the front of the house on the ground floor. I need to get used to the fact that my big bay window looks straight out onto the street and I probably need to get into the habit of closing the curtains when I’m  getting dressed but, all in good time!

I haven’t watched any films worth reviewing lately, I watched The House Bunny yesterday and caught It’s Complicated on Film 4 tonight but I don’t particularly feel like writing about either of them, they were just good mindless entertainment. I will be watching Brit Marling’s latest film The East soon, hopefully tomorrow, so there will be a review of that up shortly. I will be back, regular as always, very soon…but these last few days have been a bit mad and I just haven’t had the time.


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