You’re Next

121982_8If Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett took over the horror industry forever it would be no bad thing. You’re Next is one of the most unique and exciting horror films in years and is proof that independent films are the way to go if we want to keep horror fresh and interesting.

When the Davison family reunites at their remote vacation home after years of not seeing each other, everything seems lovely until all hell breaks loose. Masked assailants begin picking people off one by one in a series of not-so-random attacks, however when one of the guests turns out to be a better killer than any of the masked men things take an interesting turn as the hunter becomes the hunted.

You’re Next does what many horror films do not and avoids being yet another cliche, predictable mess of blood and sex. 399293_367687503333643_481956065_nThere is a reasonable amount of both of those things, but the film has so much more to it than your average slasher. Everything from the stunning location to the direction of the actors is perfected to a T and everything is completely thought through and executed perfectly. No expense has been spared on anything and not one part of the film lacks for the rest to flourish; it’s brilliant from start to finish.

The sound is fantastic, sound designer Jeffrey A. Pitts who is also known for films such as Pitch Perfect and Grown Ups 2 is on top form in You’re Next and the tension music is brilliantly done to emphasise what’s on screen and put the viewer on edge. The surround sound is used with great effect, with sounds like footsteps varying from left to right speaker giving the effect of being there in amongst the action. This film promises to make you jump, it promises to scare even the most hardened of horror watchers and it promises to be a unique, exciting and compelling horror film and man does it deliver!

Youre-Next2-585x389Sharni Vinson (Bait, Home and Away) is the highlight of the film as the kick ass Erin, one of the Davison boys’ new girlfriend. Her performance may well be one of the main reasons critics and viewers alike praised the film so highly on its festival release in 2011, her character subverts traditional horror film conventions with a kick ass femme who’s totally in control. Finally the final girl isn’t a patronising representation of women and is a show of strength, assertiveness and intelligence. Vinson is the perfect casting choice for Erin and her performance was top notch. The cast was well chosen and all gave brilliant performances, credit has to go to director Adam Wingard too for the brilliant character direction, without giving the huge twist away, tiny little details like one change in facial expression are enough to tell the audience exactly what’s going on and the film doesn’t need to backtrack and explain itself. youre-next-sharni-vinson-2The addition of Ti West as a support part; the boyfriend of the Davison daughter who gets grilled by the family about his career as a filmmaker, is a nice little wink and nudge to horror fans.

You’re Next is a must watch for horror fanatics and definitely one that should be seen in the cinema. A refreshingly intelligent and unique horror films with some big twists that won’t be seen coming! It’s scary, intelligent, surprising and great fun, if you don’t get to see it, you’re missing out.

10 thoughts on “You’re Next

      1. ahh it’s brilliant!
        I was mainly impressed, like the geek that I am, that a festival film, and a horror at that, did well enough to get a worldwide cinema release two years after it was made…that’s pretty awesome going and very impressive! Not to mention I loved the film itself, of course.

        I moved into a new house a couple of days after watching the film, it’s a house for seven people but only two of us are here yet so it’s empty and quiet…I was bricking it the first night XD haha


  1. While I had a different experience with this film, and liked it much, much less than you did, I love this review! I have by trying to find someone who could succinctly say what they saw in that I didn’t. You have.

    You didn’t change my opinion, really, but now I better understand why some like it. So thanks for that!


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