What are your top 5…Childhood Favourites


Once again I’ve been late and forgotten my Wednesday top 5! It’s now seven minutes past midnight so it’s officially Thursday. I’m so slack these days!

Anyway, this week I’m going with childhood favourites, so I want to know your top 5 childhood favourites. Any genre, any format, could be TV, film, animation, live action; anything.

I’ll get the ball rolling…

  • The Adventures of Milo and Otis
    (although I’ve since found that they committed heinous acts of animal cruelty on set of this film and it’s put me off…it’s still a childhood favourite)
  • The Never Ending Story
    My brother and me used to call it The Boy Running, because the only scene we ever remembered was the bit where Bastian is running across the road in the rain.
  • Labyrinth
    The goblins used to scare me, but I still loved it.
  • Robin Hood 
    The Disney animated film, not the live action one!
  • Arthur the Aardvark
    A TV show that I continued to watch well into my teens

9 thoughts on “What are your top 5…Childhood Favourites

  1. You can tell by the choices and guess the age….I’m guessing you are in your mid-twenties.
    Here’s mine: Wizard of Oz, Heidi, Mary Poppins, Swiss Family Robinson, and Jungle Book. Guess my age? HA!


  2. LOLZ for Arthur the Aardvark! Thee’s something weird about that programme that makes it OK to watch even when you’re a little older and I have no idea why!

    My fave childhood films:
    Star Wars
    Short Circuit


  3. Never Ending Story ? U know what ? the effects show their age a bit .. but this movie still stands up. so does the song.
    Wizard of OZ
    Scrooge – with Alastair Sim – one of the greatest movies ever made. and with special effects 60 years ahead of their day.
    Darby O’Gill and the Little People – Disney really did once have some magic up his sleeve.
    The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad
    Jason and the Argonauts
    The Vikings
    ok ok that’s 6 … but i coulda listed 20 easy.


  4. Star Wars Trilogy, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Clash of the Titans (original), Conan the Barbarian and 7th Voyage of Sinbad…”Barbarella” gets an honorable mention as well (yep; I had pretty liberal parents, lol!).


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