Once Bitten, Twice Shy; Project’s Next Steps

10670_331248667007027_463824763_nYou probably know already that Once Bitten, Twice Shy (my short film) is now complete. Well, complete in terms of editing anyway! The music is currently being composed and I’ve listened to a couple of ideas, given feedback and I’m waiting for the magic to happen! It’s sounding great and Karam Bharj (who’s Youtube page complete with examples of his talent can be found here) is such a talented musician. I’m so excited to finally see the film complete with soundtrack.

I haven’t actually watched the whole film through since I finished editing, I want to distance myself from it a bit now so that I can watch the whole thing with the music with a fresh outlook; I got fed up of it after spending so long editing and listening to the lines over and over again.

The next steps with the project are to complete the Withoutabox profile, all I have left to do is upload the finished film, and then use it to submit to as many festivals as possible. I’ll be submitting all the way through to this time next year as a lot of festivals open for submissions around September with deadlines anywhere between April and July. There are festivals going on all the time, but those months seem to be the most prolific.

edit 4

In no way shape or form will the film end up on Youtube. The reason behind this decision is that Youtube changed, or are planning to change, their copyright policy so that uploaders no longer own their content. I’m not even entertaining the possibility that someone could download my film and use it to their hearts content for whatever they want without facing copyright infringement charges, so I’m avoiding any platform that lets people steal other people’s work. I will probably upload the film to Vimeo once I’m satisfied with the amount of festivals I’ve entered etc and will of course share the Vimeo link on my blog for all of you to see!

As soon as the film is done, which I’m hoping will be sometime in September, I’m planning a screening with crew, cast and friends, which who probably be the first ‘audience’ to see it. I was going to have a ‘family’ screening but the film won’t be ready before I go back to uni so that one will have to wait until the Christmas holidays.

So, that’s where the film’s at  right now. I can’t promise when it’ll be available for the world to see but I will of course post it as soon as it is!

2 thoughts on “Once Bitten, Twice Shy; Project’s Next Steps

  1. Sounds like you’re making smart decisions. I totally agree. You should protect your work. You did it. It’s yours. You deserve to decide who does what with it. I just hope I have the chance to see it wherever you decide to put it.


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